Saturday, April 20, 2013

Found my "home" studio

Since moving this past September, I have been on the hunt for a studio where I could practice consistently. I mentioned Tulaa before, because I want to pursue YTT with this studio. Today they held a 1hr free yoga class followed by a YTT info session! Its just so amazing how things fall into place. I had already started a YTT with another studio, but I have several issues with this program, which i discussed before. Over the last month or so,more and more negative things have been happening regarding the other studio..lets call it Studio R. To make long story short, we weren't able to meet in over a month because our instructor is having some family issues. I totally understand that, but I also feel like as a business owner, you must be accountable and responsible for your customers at the same time. At first, I understood and didn't worry. But, as time went on, I had time to think. I realized if I ended up pursuing Studio R, I would pay more than double the price of Tulaa. SImply because STudio R charges by the hour and has no set start/end date and no set price. I was supposed to have class with Studio R tomorrow but it was cancelled Monday. I had already made my mind up that if StudiO R cancelled again this weekend, I would stop attending the program. How ironic That Tulaa happened to have that class and info session today! I wanted to go there for months but backed off because I was intimidated by vinyasa. Meeting the owner and instructors was amazing! I felt welcomed and comfortable the minute I walked in. I didn't have the same feelings I did at Studio R. I didn't feel out of place. During class, I didn't watch the students or instructor too much, I didn't get nervous when the instructor walked pass or adjusted me. I just focused on my breath and kept finding a spot to focus my gaze on. I enjoyed my first vinyasa class and look forward to going back :) I must also mention that instructor complimented me on my home practice! I was shocked. I worried all this time at home because I never get full hour in. But again, I always try to do what I think is normal. lol I follow people on instagram and often get jealous when I see post from their hour long practice. I always get sad because I can never seem to find the time or discipline to get a full hour in. But today, I realized what I have been doing is fine and works quite well for me. I need to stop worrying about trying to be "normal". Today was another example of "who made the rules?"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Following my heart

Its been so long since I have updated this blog! I was inspired to update today because I woke up with the desire to start sharing my practice and transitioning raw vegan diet with the world...via youtube. I had plans to do this once I completed my teaching training, but it was on my heart to go ahead and start now! Why wait? I feel like I just need to share all of what yoga is for me. Ive only been practicing a year now, but I cannot see my life without yoga, I can't imagine my day to day without meditating, deep breathing, or doing a sun salutations.I recorded an intro video for youtube but, I haven't come up with a username yet. I want to have a separate channel for this new wonderful lifestyle I am stepping into :)In other news, i discovered Kundalini Yoga a few days ago. A video randomly popped up on my youtube feed. I watched and became hooked! I love that the movements are simple and that so much emphasis is placed on breathing. I have always naturally closed my eyes while practicing asana, so i was more than welcome to do so with Kundalini. THe chanting, I'm not sure about but just about everything i loved. My mind often wanders and its really hard for me to keep focus especially with video yoga, but that was hardly a problem with kundalini :)I can see myself integrating different styles of yoga. So far Iyengar, Hatha, and Kundalini are my favorite. I have to laugh because anyone that knows me, knows that I am old fashioned and have often be called an "old soul". Not only is my old "soulness" evident in music choice but also in my choice of yoga! LOLNamaste~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thoughts on my practice

I really need to develop a routine. I practice yoga daily but Im never consistent with what I do. Im not consistent with time, asana, meditation, or journaling. I wonder if this is a bad thing? I also wonder about YTT. I don't like that my program meetings are very sporadic. I don't really feel like I am in a program. I think about not going back to this program at all. But then I stop to think about what I can gain from this program. This program allows me the opportunity to really develop my own program, my own yoga routine. I have to take what I learn in these sporadic meetings and make the best of them in my time. Im starting to realize why this program is structured this way. I just have to learn how to use it to my advantage. Anyways, back to my personal practice. One of these days Im gonna get it, Im gonna set aside the time each day to practice asana and dhyana. Im also going to find a studio and practice consistently once week or whenever my schedule allows.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

More thoughts on YTT

After speaking with my husband and one of my closet friends and rethinking my decision..... I think I am gonna stick with the program I am currently attending. My main reasons for considering other schools were really only just the distance and the students "weren't friendly' i have to laugh now that I think about it. My husband made a good point by saying that my other options for training would add stress, just because I would need a sitter for the week night classes. This wouldn't be such a problem if we didn't live 1 hr away from our potential baby sitters. My friend also shared a good point by saying that maybe I am supposed to be in that class to change the energy. I also took time to really reflect on my first class. I didn't realize that I learned so much! WE covered sun salutations, seated forward bends, pranayama, chakras, and some of the principles of yoga. The instructor also sent notes before class that discussed some dhyana techniques and some of the yamas. I actually have quite a few notes now that I look back. We also discussed mental noting. I was in such a panic because there wasn't a "syllabus" . I hardly paid any attention to my instructors email that discussed our goals/topics for our next class! The drive is still a concern, its not impossible but it is far. Its also only about 2x a month I will be going. SInce moving to my new home, I have had no choice but to get over my issues with driving farther than I am comfortable with. I will never forget how stressed I was the first few times I drove to and from work. The ride seemed so long and I just wanted to get where I was going. I was constantly clocking my time. Now, my commute is time for me to think, enjoy music, or just enjoy a quiet moment. I have no doubt that I will soon feel the same if not even better about my YTT commute. Now I am trying to take use my time between classes to start to accept that I am pursing one of my goals! I am very excited for this journey even though I know it takes me out of my comfort zone, I know its not going to be easy. I know that I got the email months after applying for a reason. I just have to trust want the universe is telling me. Over the next couple weeks, I plan on practicing sun salutations, forward bend sequence, pranayama, mental noting, yamas,dhyana, and whatever else I can fit in. I am especially excited to try Nada Pranyama and Suddhi :) Till next time

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I don't participate in instagram challenges anymore

Well I've said it before and I will say it again. My practice has changed, it changed months ago. I found I wasn't really practicing yoga, I was just taking pics for instagram. I wasn't focused on breathing or alignment, my concern was getting the best shot. I also like to focus on a few poses and really learn then and really feel the transformative power that comes. I can't do that trying a new pose everyday without guidance or the time it takes to really understand the pose.

Instagram is partially responsible for my continued interest in yoga, but I'm starting to dislike all the challenge poses. Why can't we just post our happy yoga poses and call it a day. Now I'm not speaking for everyone that post a challenge. There are many yogis that take the time to explain the pose, benefits, how to adjust for beginners, etc, that I love.

I hope I don't sound like a hater. To each his own, maybe one day I will hop on the bandwagon again. It is really inspiring to follow so many other yogis. But, I know I need to make sure my intentions are good :)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Second thoughts on YTT

I don't think I shared my first day of YTT. I journaled about it, but didn't find the time to blog it. Well overall I enjoyed it. I didn't feel as comfortable during class as I did at other places. I didn't really feel welcomed by the other students. I did however feel very comfortable with the instructor. I'm not having second thoughts on completing a YTT,but I'm am reconsidering other schools. I just don't know if this school is right for me. As I mentioned before, our meetings would be very sporadic, at first I thought this would be good. But now that I think about it, I don't like it. Considering my work schedule and my family, this isn't the best option for me. I much rather have a set schedule and know ahead of time when we will have class. This way, I am able to make arrangements. I'm being a little dramatic because our next meeting is scheduled for the end of February, so this is ample time to make arrangements. Another concern with this school is the lack of syllabus. Again, i need plans. I need to know what I should be working on, I worry with this program that the lack of textbooks and lack of frequent meetings will have a very negative effect on the outcome.

While I really liked the instructor, I just don't know. The drive was also a little more than I expected. It was really far :(

I guess I am questioning this school for a reason. I initially was going to wait untl September for Tulaa's program and continue my iyengar classes until then. I lost sight of everything when I got email from Be Yoga. I was just so excited to be able to say I was in YTT. But just like before when I was participating in yoga challenges, and doing inversions just because they are cool.... I was doing it all for the wrong reason. I think I attended this first class for all the wrong reasons.

I am so thankful I had the time today to journal, think, blog, and meditate. I think my mind is made up.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

My practice is changing

I don't know what sparked the change, but I am no longer doing yoga for the pretty pics. I am no longer watching videos and DVDS of todays most famous yogis. WHile nothing is wrong with thes things, I never really experienced the transformation of yoga until I stopped. Now, my practice consist of books,live classes, meditation, and dietary changes. All of this didn't just happen over night, its more like one thing led to another. I think the start of this change came from Candace of Months ago she made a blog post sort of questioning ones intention when doing all of the famous Instagram yoga challenges. After reading her post, I really took a few steps back and examined myself, my practice, and my intentions. After some thought, I realized that most of the time my yoga practice was just to get that cool photo for instagram and to "wow" people. I am so embarrassed but proud to say that I have changed so much then :) Another spark in my practice change was "Light on Yoga" BY BKS Iyengar. After spending a few days reading the book and following his instruction for asana, I was hooked. I had to find a Iyengar class, iyengar bloggers/vloggers, and I even looked up teacher trainer. I don't know what draws me to iyengar yoga more than any other style! Anyways, since making all these changes, I was able to finally experience a real savasana. I rarely would do savasana when I practiced, but I recently started adding it in. Even if its only a minute or two. The other day I did a short practice, I probably only did a few asanas. But I made sure to incorporate savasana. I couldn't believe I laid still for probably about 10 minutes. I felt the "lightness", and peace that I hear so much about. I was overjoyed! Namaste~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Teacher training

I can't believe I am able to say that I found a program! I have been searching for months and got pretty disappointed because most programs won't start until september. Then there were the two week intensive programs that were starting soon but there's no way I could do that. Most programs either have class every other weekend Friday-Sunday or the intensive classes are Monday-Friday for two weeks or so.
You know when you want something so bad, you just feel like you can't wait to start working towards it? That's how I have been feeling. Then all of a sudden, I get an email from a program I applied to in December. I forgot all about it. I was informed that I was accepted and that the first meeting would be this Saturday! This is a newer program and it is a studio registered with the yoga alliance. I am very excited but also nervous and skeptical. The program runs over ten months with meetings every month and one mandatory weekend retreat. As students we pick the dates we meet each month. This is a great option because it allows for so much flexibility.

We will not be required to purchase textbooks, the instructor says to just bring pencil, notepad, mat, and an open mind! I'm wondering how we will learn all we new to know meeting just a couple times per month and not using textbooks?

I'm pretty sure I will get more details when I attend our first meeting. I really hope this program is the right fit for me. I have a feeling that it is:)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since I started practicing iyengar style, I also started meditating and journaling. I don't journal everyday but at least a few times a week. Sometimes I write how I felt during practice or how I felt during meditation. Other times I just list the poses we learned in class. This photo was last night when I finally got the chance to sit down and reflect on class.

I noticed during my second class I was anxious, I felt like I should know how to do the asanas we learned last well properly. I felt embarrassed when I was adjusted. It's so weird because during the first class I didn't feel that way. We also did more challenging poses, and they were pretty tough for me. Upward dog, cobra, and warrior I were so hard. I wasn't adjusted during the updog or cobra but I felt like I needed to be. It just don't feel natural. My back was so tight and I just couldn't feel the "release" my instructor kept referring t. My arms were killing me, I could hardly keep up with my breath! Warrior I was even worse, I couldn't get the alignment right, it felt so ackward. Te instructor basically positioned me into the pose. Once I was positioned properly this warrior I felt nothing like the warrior asanas I do at home.

All in all, I still enjoyed myself. I know every day of practice isnt going to e easy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

But what should I study at home?

I've been debating this since I took my iyengar class. I can't decide if I should stick to the outline in "light on yoga", if I should follow the beginner sequences I find online(pictorial) or if I should practice the poses I learned from class? I'm guessing any of these 3 would be fine, but this crazy head of mine likes consistency yet I get bored very easily. Whats a Girl to do?

Yesterday, I am proud to say I completed 30 minutes of yoga via Tara Stiles "this is yoga"DVD. I did the am flow and am very tempted to do it again today. I was also able to complete a meditation of 5 minutes! I must say I am beginning to feel the effects of mediation. I'm a lot less calmer and "nicer", instead of losing my cool I reprogram my mind to slow down and breathe. This gives me time to illicit the appropriate responses. Such a powerful tool :)

Anyways back to iyengar talk, I hope to get a schedule established soon. I'm thinking maybe I will practice iyengar every other day and maybe a DVD the opposite days? I will have my actual iyengar class Saturday's. Oh yeah and daily meditation! My goal is only 5 minutes a day. I almost forgot, my daily sun salutations. I usually do between 3-5 rounds....

Can u say someone has an obsession with yoga????!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's Practice

I thought I had weeks 1 & 2 under my belt. Turns out, tadasana (mountain pose) and vrksasana ( tree pose) are they only ones I think I am doing correctly




I struggled so much with both Utthita Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana

Prepping for parsvottanasana


Utthita Parsvakonasana


Thursday, January 10, 2013

IYT at Yoga Journal New York Part 1

Finding a class

In my last post I went in and in about how difficult finding a class has been. Well, it's a good thing I'm a little obsessive because I know have another realistic option for classes! I just discoverd a studio in philly.This studio offers weekend classes as well as classes during the week:) much like susquehanna yoga in Baltimore. Both studios are the same distance from me, an hour away. I am much more familiar with Philly than Baltimore, so most likely I will check Practice Yoga studio first.

As far as home practice goes, I have been studying week 1&2 from my light on yoga book. I am quite comfortable with the asanas, as I have been practicing yoga since April 2012. I just really want to make sure my alignment is right and I am entering the Asanas the right way. I hope in the next few days to record my practice of week 1 &2 and share it here :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


I have really been doing my research to find a iyengar course. So far, my research has proven that most instructors offer classes within a series, usually 10 weeks. I love the idea of having that commitment component but I am very frustrated because my work/life schedule isn't really gonna allow me to fit in a 10 week course, at least not while my daughter is in school.

I am really interested in studying with Joan White. Her studio is in Philly, which would be an 1hr drive for me. Problem is classes are only offered during the week :(

There's also Donna Debs, she's in Wayne, Pa just about 45 minutes from me. I may be able to compete a series with her because I am off most Thursdays :) the issue is I would either have to have my mom spend the night or pick her up early in the am to make the morning class. Even if i do this I wouldn't make it in time because my daughter needs to be at school at. 8:45 and class would start at 9:30 :( Donna also offers an evening class which is from 6:30-8. This is perfect because I can take my kids to my mom then go to class. But , with this option I feel selfish because I would inconvenience my kids, especially Ava who would have school the next day.

Finally there's another school in Maryland that has the most classes offered. They even have weekend classes! This is perfect!!! I would just have to get over my fear of driving to unknown places alone lol. I'm thinking of asking my husband to drive me for the first class.

I'm trying to explain my frustration, blaming the course offerings. but that really isn't the problem. It's really my problem. Today I have really been thinking about a new job, one that allows for more of a life.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I am creating this blog after only a week of reading "Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar. Thats how powerful and inspiring yoga is. I have been doing yoga for less than a year, but it has completely changed my day to day life. I practice everyday. It may not be in a studio or for hours at a time but I manage to squeeze something in everyday. I can't explain yet, my extreme interest for Iyengar yoga but I know something greater than me is pulling me towards this path. I plan on taking a taking a yoga teacher training course this fall. I know this training is not the same as Iyengar training, but its a start. I really want to deepen my yoga practice and share it with others. I also have plans (far future) to incorporate this training into my existing profession (Nursing). Back to the topic at hand, basically I am creating this blog not only to log my experiences with studying the 52 week Asana course listed in Iyengar Yoga, I hope to one day be a resource for other interested in Iyengar yoga.