Thursday, January 17, 2013

But what should I study at home?

I've been debating this since I took my iyengar class. I can't decide if I should stick to the outline in "light on yoga", if I should follow the beginner sequences I find online(pictorial) or if I should practice the poses I learned from class? I'm guessing any of these 3 would be fine, but this crazy head of mine likes consistency yet I get bored very easily. Whats a Girl to do?

Yesterday, I am proud to say I completed 30 minutes of yoga via Tara Stiles "this is yoga"DVD. I did the am flow and am very tempted to do it again today. I was also able to complete a meditation of 5 minutes! I must say I am beginning to feel the effects of mediation. I'm a lot less calmer and "nicer", instead of losing my cool I reprogram my mind to slow down and breathe. This gives me time to illicit the appropriate responses. Such a powerful tool :)

Anyways back to iyengar talk, I hope to get a schedule established soon. I'm thinking maybe I will practice iyengar every other day and maybe a DVD the opposite days? I will have my actual iyengar class Saturday's. Oh yeah and daily meditation! My goal is only 5 minutes a day. I almost forgot, my daily sun salutations. I usually do between 3-5 rounds....

Can u say someone has an obsession with yoga????!!

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