Monday, January 7, 2013


I have really been doing my research to find a iyengar course. So far, my research has proven that most instructors offer classes within a series, usually 10 weeks. I love the idea of having that commitment component but I am very frustrated because my work/life schedule isn't really gonna allow me to fit in a 10 week course, at least not while my daughter is in school.

I am really interested in studying with Joan White. Her studio is in Philly, which would be an 1hr drive for me. Problem is classes are only offered during the week :(

There's also Donna Debs, she's in Wayne, Pa just about 45 minutes from me. I may be able to compete a series with her because I am off most Thursdays :) the issue is I would either have to have my mom spend the night or pick her up early in the am to make the morning class. Even if i do this I wouldn't make it in time because my daughter needs to be at school at. 8:45 and class would start at 9:30 :( Donna also offers an evening class which is from 6:30-8. This is perfect because I can take my kids to my mom then go to class. But , with this option I feel selfish because I would inconvenience my kids, especially Ava who would have school the next day.

Finally there's another school in Maryland that has the most classes offered. They even have weekend classes! This is perfect!!! I would just have to get over my fear of driving to unknown places alone lol. I'm thinking of asking my husband to drive me for the first class.

I'm trying to explain my frustration, blaming the course offerings. but that really isn't the problem. It's really my problem. Today I have really been thinking about a new job, one that allows for more of a life.

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