Saturday, January 26, 2013

My practice is changing

I don't know what sparked the change, but I am no longer doing yoga for the pretty pics. I am no longer watching videos and DVDS of todays most famous yogis. WHile nothing is wrong with thes things, I never really experienced the transformation of yoga until I stopped. Now, my practice consist of books,live classes, meditation, and dietary changes. All of this didn't just happen over night, its more like one thing led to another. I think the start of this change came from Candace of Months ago she made a blog post sort of questioning ones intention when doing all of the famous Instagram yoga challenges. After reading her post, I really took a few steps back and examined myself, my practice, and my intentions. After some thought, I realized that most of the time my yoga practice was just to get that cool photo for instagram and to "wow" people. I am so embarrassed but proud to say that I have changed so much then :) Another spark in my practice change was "Light on Yoga" BY BKS Iyengar. After spending a few days reading the book and following his instruction for asana, I was hooked. I had to find a Iyengar class, iyengar bloggers/vloggers, and I even looked up teacher trainer. I don't know what draws me to iyengar yoga more than any other style! Anyways, since making all these changes, I was able to finally experience a real savasana. I rarely would do savasana when I practiced, but I recently started adding it in. Even if its only a minute or two. The other day I did a short practice, I probably only did a few asanas. But I made sure to incorporate savasana. I couldn't believe I laid still for probably about 10 minutes. I felt the "lightness", and peace that I hear so much about. I was overjoyed! Namaste~

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