Thursday, January 31, 2013

Second thoughts on YTT

I don't think I shared my first day of YTT. I journaled about it, but didn't find the time to blog it. Well overall I enjoyed it. I didn't feel as comfortable during class as I did at other places. I didn't really feel welcomed by the other students. I did however feel very comfortable with the instructor. I'm not having second thoughts on completing a YTT,but I'm am reconsidering other schools. I just don't know if this school is right for me. As I mentioned before, our meetings would be very sporadic, at first I thought this would be good. But now that I think about it, I don't like it. Considering my work schedule and my family, this isn't the best option for me. I much rather have a set schedule and know ahead of time when we will have class. This way, I am able to make arrangements. I'm being a little dramatic because our next meeting is scheduled for the end of February, so this is ample time to make arrangements. Another concern with this school is the lack of syllabus. Again, i need plans. I need to know what I should be working on, I worry with this program that the lack of textbooks and lack of frequent meetings will have a very negative effect on the outcome.

While I really liked the instructor, I just don't know. The drive was also a little more than I expected. It was really far :(

I guess I am questioning this school for a reason. I initially was going to wait untl September for Tulaa's program and continue my iyengar classes until then. I lost sight of everything when I got email from Be Yoga. I was just so excited to be able to say I was in YTT. But just like before when I was participating in yoga challenges, and doing inversions just because they are cool.... I was doing it all for the wrong reason. I think I attended this first class for all the wrong reasons.

I am so thankful I had the time today to journal, think, blog, and meditate. I think my mind is made up.


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