Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thoughts on my practice

I really need to develop a routine. I practice yoga daily but Im never consistent with what I do. Im not consistent with time, asana, meditation, or journaling. I wonder if this is a bad thing? I also wonder about YTT. I don't like that my program meetings are very sporadic. I don't really feel like I am in a program. I think about not going back to this program at all. But then I stop to think about what I can gain from this program. This program allows me the opportunity to really develop my own program, my own yoga routine. I have to take what I learn in these sporadic meetings and make the best of them in my time. Im starting to realize why this program is structured this way. I just have to learn how to use it to my advantage. Anyways, back to my personal practice. One of these days Im gonna get it, Im gonna set aside the time each day to practice asana and dhyana. Im also going to find a studio and practice consistently once week or whenever my schedule allows.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

More thoughts on YTT

After speaking with my husband and one of my closet friends and rethinking my decision..... I think I am gonna stick with the program I am currently attending. My main reasons for considering other schools were really only just the distance and the students "weren't friendly' i have to laugh now that I think about it. My husband made a good point by saying that my other options for training would add stress, just because I would need a sitter for the week night classes. This wouldn't be such a problem if we didn't live 1 hr away from our potential baby sitters. My friend also shared a good point by saying that maybe I am supposed to be in that class to change the energy. I also took time to really reflect on my first class. I didn't realize that I learned so much! WE covered sun salutations, seated forward bends, pranayama, chakras, and some of the principles of yoga. The instructor also sent notes before class that discussed some dhyana techniques and some of the yamas. I actually have quite a few notes now that I look back. We also discussed mental noting. I was in such a panic because there wasn't a "syllabus" . I hardly paid any attention to my instructors email that discussed our goals/topics for our next class! The drive is still a concern, its not impossible but it is far. Its also only about 2x a month I will be going. SInce moving to my new home, I have had no choice but to get over my issues with driving farther than I am comfortable with. I will never forget how stressed I was the first few times I drove to and from work. The ride seemed so long and I just wanted to get where I was going. I was constantly clocking my time. Now, my commute is time for me to think, enjoy music, or just enjoy a quiet moment. I have no doubt that I will soon feel the same if not even better about my YTT commute. Now I am trying to take use my time between classes to start to accept that I am pursing one of my goals! I am very excited for this journey even though I know it takes me out of my comfort zone, I know its not going to be easy. I know that I got the email months after applying for a reason. I just have to trust want the universe is telling me. Over the next couple weeks, I plan on practicing sun salutations, forward bend sequence, pranayama, mental noting, yamas,dhyana, and whatever else I can fit in. I am especially excited to try Nada Pranyama and Suddhi :) Till next time

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I don't participate in instagram challenges anymore

Well I've said it before and I will say it again. My practice has changed, it changed months ago. I found I wasn't really practicing yoga, I was just taking pics for instagram. I wasn't focused on breathing or alignment, my concern was getting the best shot. I also like to focus on a few poses and really learn then and really feel the transformative power that comes. I can't do that trying a new pose everyday without guidance or the time it takes to really understand the pose.

Instagram is partially responsible for my continued interest in yoga, but I'm starting to dislike all the challenge poses. Why can't we just post our happy yoga poses and call it a day. Now I'm not speaking for everyone that post a challenge. There are many yogis that take the time to explain the pose, benefits, how to adjust for beginners, etc, that I love.

I hope I don't sound like a hater. To each his own, maybe one day I will hop on the bandwagon again. It is really inspiring to follow so many other yogis. But, I know I need to make sure my intentions are good :)