Saturday, April 20, 2013

Found my "home" studio

Since moving this past September, I have been on the hunt for a studio where I could practice consistently. I mentioned Tulaa before, because I want to pursue YTT with this studio. Today they held a 1hr free yoga class followed by a YTT info session! Its just so amazing how things fall into place. I had already started a YTT with another studio, but I have several issues with this program, which i discussed before. Over the last month or so,more and more negative things have been happening regarding the other studio..lets call it Studio R. To make long story short, we weren't able to meet in over a month because our instructor is having some family issues. I totally understand that, but I also feel like as a business owner, you must be accountable and responsible for your customers at the same time. At first, I understood and didn't worry. But, as time went on, I had time to think. I realized if I ended up pursuing Studio R, I would pay more than double the price of Tulaa. SImply because STudio R charges by the hour and has no set start/end date and no set price. I was supposed to have class with Studio R tomorrow but it was cancelled Monday. I had already made my mind up that if StudiO R cancelled again this weekend, I would stop attending the program. How ironic That Tulaa happened to have that class and info session today! I wanted to go there for months but backed off because I was intimidated by vinyasa. Meeting the owner and instructors was amazing! I felt welcomed and comfortable the minute I walked in. I didn't have the same feelings I did at Studio R. I didn't feel out of place. During class, I didn't watch the students or instructor too much, I didn't get nervous when the instructor walked pass or adjusted me. I just focused on my breath and kept finding a spot to focus my gaze on. I enjoyed my first vinyasa class and look forward to going back :) I must also mention that instructor complimented me on my home practice! I was shocked. I worried all this time at home because I never get full hour in. But again, I always try to do what I think is normal. lol I follow people on instagram and often get jealous when I see post from their hour long practice. I always get sad because I can never seem to find the time or discipline to get a full hour in. But today, I realized what I have been doing is fine and works quite well for me. I need to stop worrying about trying to be "normal". Today was another example of "who made the rules?"

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