Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adventures in Home Care

I recently started a new position as a home health nurse. I started my day feeling very anxious at home before leaving for work. I was questioning why I applied and accepted the position and started feeling bad for leaving my kids more. All of a sudden it hit me that I signed up for this! Lol this is what I wanted. I got myself together and headed out. 

The day in the office started with some confusion because everyone forgot I was working lol. My original preceptor wasn't available so I went out with a very overwhelmed full time case manager. We did an admission and a regular dressing change visit. The admission was interesting because we were told the patient was still in an assisted living facility so we traveled there...  we get there and the patient was discharged to home. We make our way to the patients home and get started with the admission. We first presented the company and what we offer and asked if the patient would be interested. Once an agreement was made the paperwork started. My preceptor  was excellent, she was able  to assess, teach, and document all at the same time. Our patient was so happy with the visit as we were able to educate her on fall precautions and nutrition information, I left feeling again very fortunate to have found a position in home care and very excited for my future. I love the independence and professionalism involved with home care. We pretty much make our own schedule and  I feel like I am actually a nurse as opposed to the hospital where I just feel like an employee.  

I also notice I am not nervous when I'm working home care. There used to be a time where I was scared to drive to any new place alone. I was always afraid of getting lost. I can remember years ago when I was a nursing assistant I started a home care job and got all the way to the patients house and was too scared to do the actual visit. Even the two visits I did on my own, I didn't feel this way. I'm not sure where this bravery and confidence is coming from but I am embracing it. Perhaps it's my yoga practice, maybe I've matured, maybe the time is just right and this is what I am supposed to be doing? I guess it could be all of those things :) 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Changes... good ones

Since discovering yoga, i have been obsessed with learning more. I now incorporate ayurveda in my daily life. So much has happened over the last few months. I went from wanting to quit my job as a RN to be yoga teacher, lol I then was obsessed with becoming an ayurveda practioner. Now the latest obsession is going back to school! I discovered a program online for Advanced Holistic Nursing, which will grant me a MSN and make me eligible to sit for certification as Advanced holistic nurse. I have already completed my application and submitted my transcripts. I even started working on my nursing philosophy. I feel happy now knowing that there is a way to still be a nurse , but to also practice holistically. I am very excited for this program especially after speaking with the program coordinator this morning :) I have my reservations because holistic nursing, yoga, and alternative medicine are like taboo for a lot of people. This program is also fairly new. I know coworkers are gonna think Im crazy when I tell them what I have decided to go to school for, but I really feel that this is my passion. For months I thought I had to abandon nursing to pursue holistic health. I totally forgot what nursing essentially is, We are holistic! Its just hard to treat the person and consider other forms of therapy with the current state of healthcare. I,however am not gonna be shy or embarrassed to be the "first" to pursue this. I do think its possible to incorporate holistic care in modern medicine.

Grad school drop out?

A few months ago I got the crazy idea to go back to school for my masters degree in nursing. I wasn't exactly sure why I made the decision but I can think of a few possible reasons: I always feel like I should be working towards something -I was bored.... Since I couldn't start yoga school - it's free, courtesy of my current job - I was curious so many of my coworkers have gone back and most finish and I just wanted to see if I could do it Well, I passed the class with an "A" I actually enjoyed the class too. But when I registered for my second course I just didn't feel right. I knew I didn't want to take it, but felt like since I started I had to finish.... Well long story short I decided to drop the class a couple days after it started. I attempted to do some of the assignments but my " heart" just wasn't into it. I was frustrated and annoyed and couldn't help but think of the many other ways I could be spending my free time. I'm not saying grad school won't ever happen for me, but I just realize that now is not right time.

At this time in my life I really want to focus on self study. Since starting yoga I have learned so much about my life and am realizing that I have so much potential. I think yoga is what's helping me realize what I really want to do with my life. I want to devote my free time doing something that I love! What is it that I love? My garden, yoga, making homemade products, trying new recipes, researching holistic nursing.... 

So what exactly are my goals since grad school isn't happening right now???
Finish reading books that I already purchased 
Yoga teacher training (sept 2014)
Work per diem as a home care nurse
Develop a daily yoga/Ayurveda routine
Journal more
Blog more
Holistic nurse certification