Saturday, January 18, 2014

Changes... good ones

Since discovering yoga, i have been obsessed with learning more. I now incorporate ayurveda in my daily life. So much has happened over the last few months. I went from wanting to quit my job as a RN to be yoga teacher, lol I then was obsessed with becoming an ayurveda practioner. Now the latest obsession is going back to school! I discovered a program online for Advanced Holistic Nursing, which will grant me a MSN and make me eligible to sit for certification as Advanced holistic nurse. I have already completed my application and submitted my transcripts. I even started working on my nursing philosophy. I feel happy now knowing that there is a way to still be a nurse , but to also practice holistically. I am very excited for this program especially after speaking with the program coordinator this morning :) I have my reservations because holistic nursing, yoga, and alternative medicine are like taboo for a lot of people. This program is also fairly new. I know coworkers are gonna think Im crazy when I tell them what I have decided to go to school for, but I really feel that this is my passion. For months I thought I had to abandon nursing to pursue holistic health. I totally forgot what nursing essentially is, We are holistic! Its just hard to treat the person and consider other forms of therapy with the current state of healthcare. I,however am not gonna be shy or embarrassed to be the "first" to pursue this. I do think its possible to incorporate holistic care in modern medicine.

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