Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A lovely day

As always my day starts with me feeling anxious and questioning whether or not I want to be a home care nurse. I know I want to do it, but the old doubtful tiffany still lives inside me :( anyways stopping in the office is usually a little annoying because the nurses always seem stressed and full of complaints. I like to get my assignment and then leave. I started off with 5 possible patients, but one didn't answer the phone and the other asked if the visit could be postponed until the next day. So this leaves me with 3 patients. Lucky for me the were all within minutes of each other, so my day started at 10 and by 12:20 I was done seeing patients :) since I'm getting much better at revisits, I was able to compete my charting in the car before leaving for the next patient. The only thing I had to do in the office was write a note for one patient because I spoke with her daughter who requested we only see the patient  after 2.

I enjoyed my work day and felt very comfortable in each patients home. At one house I sat on the floor with my legs crossed :) she was hard of hearing and her furniture was too far apart for me to sit close to her. I even enjoyed teaching this time :) I was so pleased that one patients family member asked me about a blood pressure medicine and magnesium and I was able to answer them and help! I always carry my ipad and it came in handy when I had to discuss a surgery with a patient. The office didn't have a printed handout so I just pulled the info up for the patient and we discussed it.

Tomorrow I'm working again and we have the dreaded care conference, lol. I'm also scheduled to do an admission which I am very optimistic about :)

Lastly, my manager mentioned to me last week that a position would be opening up for a per diem case manager.... Not sure if I mentioned it before but if it's the right opportunity I may be able to decrease my hours at the hospital! Cool beans. I'm remaining open and optimistic. Life is good... 

Oh yeah, I finally got my ID lol next they need to get me my phone!

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