Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meant to be?

I'm a big believer of things happening because it's meant to be. This is a random post but last night I was thinking of how I ended up working for the home health agency. I don't remember exactly what pushed me to submit applications but I applied for the home health position, per diem hospital position, and a wellness nurse job. I knew I really wanted the home health position as I wanted to get out the hospital and felt like home health may be my niche. I applied to the other places just as a back up. I didn't even get phone calls from the other two jobs! Ironically, I get a call for the home health interview and they ask when I could come in. It just so happens that week my husband and I were both off Friday so I asked to come in then. This was rare because we normally work opposite schedules to accomadate my daughters school schedule.

It took the agency a few weeks to call me back and offer the position. During that time I questioned if they found someone else or if it just wasn't the right job for me. I decided if I wasn't hired, it probably meant that this extra job in addition to my full time job and graduate school would be too much.

Fast forward to my first day of work, which didn't happen weeks until after the offer. This was perfect because my first graduate class was over. I had time to focus on my graduate class on its own and now I had time to focus on my new position. When time came to enroll for the next semester of school, I reluctantly enrolled but ended up dropping the class. It wasn't an easy decision, but I think I only registered for classes because I was desperate for a change or something new in nursing. As I had time to think in between semesters I realized grad school didn't excite me or inspire me. Instead I was stressed and the class didn't even start! I'm so glad I dropped the class. 

Anyways back to things being meant to be... Another thing that worked out perfectly is child care. When I was working my home health position I had to bring my mom over my house to spend the night and watch my son while I worked. She hated being at my house because she's a city girl so I would have to drive her 30 miles all the was back home after working and driving all day. It was a lot of stress and I got to the point where I thought I would have to stop working for the home health agency. That is until I found an affordable, flexible preschool for my son. Now, I had already inquired at three other schools but they were all way to expensive and only 1/3 offered part time and it was still too expensive! Again I was discouraged and questioned was it all worth it. I had already wanted my son in preschool because he's 4 and is a November baby so he won't go to kindergarten until he's almost 6! Things always work out when it's meant to be because I found a school for my son that's affordable and flexible! Of course it's a good environment too lol. Anyways this school is about a minute down the road from me and they offer before and after care to my daughter school! This is great because I can now really think about full time home care!

My sons first day was Friday and I also worked that day. I was so nervous. I was afraid he'd have an awful day. I had already planned my work day to where I would be able to pick him up early if needed. I called to check on him after a few hours and he was fine! I continued seeing patients, finished my charting and picked my boy up at 3 :)

I feel so blessed because I know things are working out for me because I ask God daily for his direction and blessing. I know things won't go my way, but Gods way.  

When things are meant to be and Gods will, it will be done! There's just no other way

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