Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Missed visits

I was supposed to see 4 patients today and ended up only seeing 2! One patient had a dr appt and per Medicare rules ( at least that's what I'm told) we aren't allowed to visit patients the same day as dr appts, it makes sense. I couldn't see the other patient because I couldn't reach her to schedule the visit. Initially i was happy, I would have such a short day but then I started thinking about how little $$$ I made and questioned whether it was worth my efforts. Funny thing is, I'm not even doing home care for the $ I just want to explore a different area of nursing. I also want to someday do home are full time and working per diem is a great " trial run".  The patients I did see today were easy, they were just " teaching" visits where I go in assess the patient and teach then about a medication and/ or condition. I enjoyed chatting with my patients and felt very appreciated as both patients seemed happy to have me and asked questions about the topics I presented.

I had a couple days off from my hospital job this week and I am dreading going back Friday. Taking this time off and finally being off orientation in homecare I am really contemplating leaving the hospital. Still my biggest concern is the finances, I would take a huge pay cut, then I also worry about the stress of doing homecare full time. I don't want to be like some of the nurses at the agency who say they are out seeing patients at 8pm, or making phone calls hours after leaving the office for the day. With that said I just have to be patient and continue learn the ropes of homecare.

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