Sunday, August 17, 2014

Healing Touch Level 1

February 2014

Just this past weekend I took my first healing touch class! For those of you how may not know what healing touch is, it's an energy based therapy where the practioner uses light touch or near body touch to place the client in the best position for self was created by a nurse Janet Mentgen and is the only nationally accredited energy therapy program. Healing touch is used in hospitals and Chemo therapy centers and there has been lots of research done to support its use. 

The point of this post is for me to share my experience :) I walked into the class and was initially nervous because I was the youngest in the class. I was welcomed by the instructor who was lovely and gave me a hug. I sat down and said hello to everyone and I think my nervousness dissipated before it really had a chance to start. We started off by introducing ourselves and what led us to healing touch. I was so surprised that even though we were all different, we all had something in common. We all listened to our curiosity and intuition and came out for the class.

Next we got right into the material, we started out by learning to do hand scans to assess each other's energy field. I struggled with this and couldn't tell if I was sensing anything. The only sensations I felt was coolness and I couldn't tell it it was just my cold hands or what. Next we learned hands in motion and hands still. Again, I couldn't tell if my work was effective while doing it, but my partner said she felt it. When it was my turn to be the client I had my "ahhhh hah" moment. I remember my partner having her hands on my neck or shoulder, maybe my head and actually feeling comforted and relaxed. I thought to myself... Wow this is real! This left me very excited for the rest of the class :)

After lunch we learned magnetic clearing, and focused on completing the 7 step healing touch sequence. I can't lie, at times I felt lazy and didn't want to do everything lol. But once I got started I enjoyed it. Magnetic clearing was amazing. As a client I let myself completely relax and didn't worry about anyone else in the class. I think I fell asleep while my partner was working on me. It was amazing, I felt so well rested and relaxed. Now when it was my turn to be the practioner providing magnetic clearing, I felt like it wasn't working and like I didn't know what I was doing. It was hard for me to relax my shoulder so this made my arms very tired. I also couldn't remember how I was suppose to hold my hand. I struggle though the whole treatment, but I kept the intention to provide the best environment for my client to receive the most good. It worked because she said she felt great afterwards!

I left the class full of ideas and just ready to "do the work". 

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