Friday, August 22, 2014

Facebook "like" page

This has been something I wanted to do for a couple years now. I initially set up a "like" page in 2011 when I started my locs. I never posted or used the page. the timing/ reasoning just wasn't right. Yesterday, I "free-styled" my first yoga video. As I mentioned I decided to take the yoga nursing online essentials course. Its been a couple weeks since I started the training and yesterday I started wondering how was I ever gonna share what I learned. I spent a good part of the morning yesterday going crazy looking for people who have also completed the training to see how they are implementing it. Finally the guru in me whispered "just do it" it made sense! If I wanted to start sharing what I learned and know, I just needed to do it. I recored my video on my back porch in pajamas with my hair just as it was when I woke up. Long story short, I didnt dress up for the video. Like Beyonce says "I woke up like this" lol Anyways, I recorded a 12 minute video and it came with ease, the words just flowed. I sent the video to my 2 of biggest supporters my sister and one of my BFFS. The watched and practiced the video and sent feedback! All in a few hours! I was so thankful and also inspired. Especially because these two although they support me, they have consistently said that "they can't do yoga" Well they did it! My heart was so happy and tears came to my eyes as I read their positive feedback. Now here we are 24hrs later and back to the reason for this post. I finally created my "like" page. I want to share what I am passionate about. I know that if I could get my sister and friend to do yoga I could get many others who may feel "they can't do yoga" I was nervous of course to share the page, but I went for it. I worried about what content to post. Well my page has been active for a few hours and I have 11 likes! That may seem like a small number but it means sooooo much to me. As far as content, so far I went back to my instagram account and shared the photos I tagged #holisticlifern some of these photos are more than a year old! But this journey isn't new, its been and will continue to be a work in progress :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Healing Touch Level 1

February 2014

Just this past weekend I took my first healing touch class! For those of you how may not know what healing touch is, it's an energy based therapy where the practioner uses light touch or near body touch to place the client in the best position for self was created by a nurse Janet Mentgen and is the only nationally accredited energy therapy program. Healing touch is used in hospitals and Chemo therapy centers and there has been lots of research done to support its use. 

The point of this post is for me to share my experience :) I walked into the class and was initially nervous because I was the youngest in the class. I was welcomed by the instructor who was lovely and gave me a hug. I sat down and said hello to everyone and I think my nervousness dissipated before it really had a chance to start. We started off by introducing ourselves and what led us to healing touch. I was so surprised that even though we were all different, we all had something in common. We all listened to our curiosity and intuition and came out for the class.

Next we got right into the material, we started out by learning to do hand scans to assess each other's energy field. I struggled with this and couldn't tell if I was sensing anything. The only sensations I felt was coolness and I couldn't tell it it was just my cold hands or what. Next we learned hands in motion and hands still. Again, I couldn't tell if my work was effective while doing it, but my partner said she felt it. When it was my turn to be the client I had my "ahhhh hah" moment. I remember my partner having her hands on my neck or shoulder, maybe my head and actually feeling comforted and relaxed. I thought to myself... Wow this is real! This left me very excited for the rest of the class :)

After lunch we learned magnetic clearing, and focused on completing the 7 step healing touch sequence. I can't lie, at times I felt lazy and didn't want to do everything lol. But once I got started I enjoyed it. Magnetic clearing was amazing. As a client I let myself completely relax and didn't worry about anyone else in the class. I think I fell asleep while my partner was working on me. It was amazing, I felt so well rested and relaxed. Now when it was my turn to be the practioner providing magnetic clearing, I felt like it wasn't working and like I didn't know what I was doing. It was hard for me to relax my shoulder so this made my arms very tired. I also couldn't remember how I was suppose to hold my hand. I struggle though the whole treatment, but I kept the intention to provide the best environment for my client to receive the most good. It worked because she said she felt great afterwards!

I left the class full of ideas and just ready to "do the work". 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Being a preceptor

With all the changes and new employees on my unit, my time has come to be a preceptor. My first orientee was a young lady almost 6 months ago, she's like 24 and I'm 30 and I felt soooooo old! Lol I remember when I was the youngest nurse on the unit... Lol anyways my current orientee is again younger than me! Just by 2 years though. 

When I was first approached to precept I was hesitant. I'm very quiet and like to keep to myself at work. I wanted to say no both times, but I knew it was the right thing to do to say yes. After all as a holisitc nurse, what better way to share my passion and spread news about holisitic nursing than through orienting a new nurse. I hate to admit it,  but I seriously doubted my skills to be a good preceptor, I'm always so hard on myself and tend to think that I am not "good enough" I know it's terrible, but it's a big step for me to even say this out loud. My lack of confidence is the real reason why I didn't want to be a preceptor.

Little did I know, I am a wealth of information and inspiration. My oreintees are very pleased with me. One even said, "you're so calm and relaxed, I'm having so much fun, and learning at the same time" she made my heart smile!

Since precepting, I'm beginning to feel like " hey maybe I am making the right choice pursing nursing education" I have to say I am enjoying "teaching" :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Yoga Nurse essentials course

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I bought the "yoga essentials" course. My thoughts were "only 7 postures are taught" I thought that wouldn't be "enough" you see one of my biggest problems involve my desire to always question if things are "enough".... but i won't get into that right now. The point of this post is to express how thankful I am for the yoga essentials course. Its only been few days and I can already tell that this program is going to help me achieve great things. As I may have mentioned before, Ive been practicing yoga for about 2.5yrs now. I am a self taught student, as Ive only been to 2 live classes and 1 workshop. I learn best from books and videos are helpful too :) Anyways, since I can "stand on my head" and do fancy poses i thought I would be bored with the basic 7 postures. Well let me first say, all this time I have been practicing I have never taken the time to sit and practice pranayama (breathing)! I also rarely include savasana (resting pose), but in these few days I have down both pranayama and savasana more than I have ever done in my personal practice of almost two years! Listening to Annetes audio on breathing, I could not believe how light and calm I felt, it was almost like instant joy!. For the first time I could actually feel my breath travel up from my belly to my ribs and then up to my collarbone. It was magnificent!!!! As for the essential postures, so far Ive only practiced the sitting postures. Again, I thought I knew it all when it came to these basic poses and said to myself " i will just follow the video so I will know how to explain it" well, little did I know that I would learn, benefit, and experience the poses as well. For instance, I never noticed how tight and stiff my neck was, following Annettes careful instruction getting into and out of poses I became aware of my neck issues. Now, I don't have any deficits/pain/injury, but I do have anxiety and stress in my daily life (as we all do whether one will admit it or not). Im assuming my stress and anxiety is trapped right in my neck! This gives me hope, as I look forward to continuing on with the yoga essentials course, hopefully my neck tightness will resolve :) Remember to be a healer, caregiver, nurse, yoga teacher, holistic care practitioner, wellness nurse, holistic nurse, etc we must first care and heal ourselves. I am so thankful that I am learning to do just that! Namaste

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yoga and Nursing!!!!

Earlier this week I posted a topic "Yoga Teacher Training or MSN" to the holistic nurses group on Linkenin. I got a fair amount of advice, most said to do both! One lady named Kerry of mentioned I had seen this site numerous times but stayed away from it because I thought one had to already be a yoga teacher to take the training. Well Kerry was nice enough to take my number and call me to discuss yoga nursing as she is a certified yoga nurse. After speaking with her I decided I needed to take the yoga nurse essentials course! So a couple nights ago I paid for it and downloaded all the lovely content. So far Ive listened to a few of the audio tracks and could not believe that I didnt get bored! I have a history of a very short attention span where I can hardly watch or listen to anything (except music) for more than 2 minutes. lol Well Annette Tersigni (founder of yoga nursing) is amazing and kept my attention while also calming my mind. In fact, last night I listened to her 20 minute guided savasana, and for the first time in my yoga life I actually had a real savasana! Every since the day i spoke to Kerry about yoga nurse essentials I have woke up inspired and with yoga nursing on my mind! Im so excited to indulge in this program and first heal myself so that I will be able to share the yoga nurse essentials with my family, friends, patients, and whoever else may be interesed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maybe I'm supposed to be the change......

Last fall I started a homecare position with the goal of leaving my full time job. I was very unhappy with my position because I've been on a holistic journey and felt as though hospital nursing couldn't allow me to practice holistically. Over these last few months I have come to appreciate my job again and realized that maybe I'm suppose to bring the change I want to see in my hospital. I also realized my nursing care is always holistic, I aim to care for my patients mind, body, and spirit. That kind of holistic care starts within. This holistic journey has helped me so much with self acceptance and self love, when I am balanced and practice self care I am truly able to provide holistic care. My holistic journey has also helped me visualize and acknowledge my full potential and what I believe to be my calling. With all this said, I want to document my goals and visions for my hospital nursing job.

- I've already done mini yoga sessions with coworkers, unofficially. I'd love to practice with them more often. But in order for me to do that, I think I need to share my yoga photos on social media again. Even though I feel like it's sometimes being a show off, it actually inspires so many people. Especially those close to me. 

- I also want to introduce healing touch to my coworkers. We work in a truly stressful chaotic environment and if I can offer just five minute sessions, I think it would make a difference.

-eventually I would want to expand yoga and healing touch throughout the hospital. But, just like anything else, I have to start small. I actually have to look at myself as my first client again and continue to practice these self care practices myself

-lastly, I decided to again enroll I graduate school. This time I will complete it lol. After thinking about grad school vs yoga training over the past few days, I decided that I need to take advantage of a free education while I can. I also would rather do yoga training in a retreat setting. I can put formal training on hold until I complete my graduate degree. Im not yet sure what exactly I want to do with my degree but a few ideas I have are
      - research 
       - create holistic care course for nurses
        - teach undergrad holistic nursing or maybe fundamentals of nursing

To sum this post up, I just want to add that I feel very blessed and happy to have my hospital nursing job. It's so weird saying this when just a few months ago I was ready to quit! I'm also very thankful for my yoga practice because I think that is what helped me realize my potential.

I added this picture, as it was taken yesterday. It was mid morning and the grass was still a little damp, the sun was shinning and I just stood there feeling everything. I also listened to the sounds of nature and felt the grass, the sun, and the light breeze  calm and clear my head. I always make the best decisions after consulting the universe :)