Friday, August 15, 2014

Being a preceptor

With all the changes and new employees on my unit, my time has come to be a preceptor. My first orientee was a young lady almost 6 months ago, she's like 24 and I'm 30 and I felt soooooo old! Lol I remember when I was the youngest nurse on the unit... Lol anyways my current orientee is again younger than me! Just by 2 years though. 

When I was first approached to precept I was hesitant. I'm very quiet and like to keep to myself at work. I wanted to say no both times, but I knew it was the right thing to do to say yes. After all as a holisitc nurse, what better way to share my passion and spread news about holisitic nursing than through orienting a new nurse. I hate to admit it,  but I seriously doubted my skills to be a good preceptor, I'm always so hard on myself and tend to think that I am not "good enough" I know it's terrible, but it's a big step for me to even say this out loud. My lack of confidence is the real reason why I didn't want to be a preceptor.

Little did I know, I am a wealth of information and inspiration. My oreintees are very pleased with me. One even said, "you're so calm and relaxed, I'm having so much fun, and learning at the same time" she made my heart smile!

Since precepting, I'm beginning to feel like " hey maybe I am making the right choice pursing nursing education" I have to say I am enjoying "teaching" :)

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