Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maybe I'm supposed to be the change......

Last fall I started a homecare position with the goal of leaving my full time job. I was very unhappy with my position because I've been on a holistic journey and felt as though hospital nursing couldn't allow me to practice holistically. Over these last few months I have come to appreciate my job again and realized that maybe I'm suppose to bring the change I want to see in my hospital. I also realized my nursing care is always holistic, I aim to care for my patients mind, body, and spirit. That kind of holistic care starts within. This holistic journey has helped me so much with self acceptance and self love, when I am balanced and practice self care I am truly able to provide holistic care. My holistic journey has also helped me visualize and acknowledge my full potential and what I believe to be my calling. With all this said, I want to document my goals and visions for my hospital nursing job.

- I've already done mini yoga sessions with coworkers, unofficially. I'd love to practice with them more often. But in order for me to do that, I think I need to share my yoga photos on social media again. Even though I feel like it's sometimes being a show off, it actually inspires so many people. Especially those close to me. 

- I also want to introduce healing touch to my coworkers. We work in a truly stressful chaotic environment and if I can offer just five minute sessions, I think it would make a difference.

-eventually I would want to expand yoga and healing touch throughout the hospital. But, just like anything else, I have to start small. I actually have to look at myself as my first client again and continue to practice these self care practices myself

-lastly, I decided to again enroll I graduate school. This time I will complete it lol. After thinking about grad school vs yoga training over the past few days, I decided that I need to take advantage of a free education while I can. I also would rather do yoga training in a retreat setting. I can put formal training on hold until I complete my graduate degree. Im not yet sure what exactly I want to do with my degree but a few ideas I have are
      - research 
       - create holistic care course for nurses
        - teach undergrad holistic nursing or maybe fundamentals of nursing

To sum this post up, I just want to add that I feel very blessed and happy to have my hospital nursing job. It's so weird saying this when just a few months ago I was ready to quit! I'm also very thankful for my yoga practice because I think that is what helped me realize my potential.

I added this picture, as it was taken yesterday. It was mid morning and the grass was still a little damp, the sun was shinning and I just stood there feeling everything. I also listened to the sounds of nature and felt the grass, the sun, and the light breeze  calm and clear my head. I always make the best decisions after consulting the universe :)

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