Monday, October 27, 2014

Another "A"

Finally, a week after my research class ended, my instructor posted our grades. This was a seven week course online- graduate level research. Now, for the record, I love research and writing but this class was so much work! I couldn't wait for it to end. Many times during the course I was overwhelmed trying to get assignments completed in time. But one thing remained constant, every single time I received feedback either from my classmates or grades from my instructor and even just reviewing my own finished product, I felt so proud and accomplished.  This class along with many other factors gave me the inspiration and confidence to begin to share my writings. 

Recently, I contacted  a few nursing/holistic websites for information on being a contributing author. To my suprise, so far I've made one contact and will be posting my writings to their site soon😊

As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee ,I felt the urge to get this blog out. I never really wanted to stop my grad school classes but realize my life is very busy at this time. However, since acquiring my new role as a contributing author and receiving yet another "A" in a graduate level class, I'm ready to register for another course. I am finally seeing the potential that an advanced degree can bring. Not only professionally, but it's starting to matter to me on a personal level. I can't explain how proud I am recieving such positive feedback throughout my recent courses. I've admitted before, I have that history of always doubting myself and thinking "I'm not good enough" Thank God for yoga because that mindset is slowly transitioning to one of "I can do whatever I put my mind to"

So, grad classes start today, but I know it's my vata being off balance that's making think I should rush and register for another class....even though I know my plate is already pretty full....

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