Thursday, October 23, 2014

Everyday Yoga

This afternoon I had the pleasure of practicing yoga while I waited for my daughters school bus. Normally I leave my house at 3:50 and she arrives by 4:00, however today there was construction on our main road which led her to not arrive until 4:15.

It was chilly outside and for the first 2 minutes I was irritable and contemplating going back to the house to get my car and wait in the car. I decided to take a seat on the grass and just chill out. It seems the second I sat down, my body somehow became warm. I no longer felt like I was freezing, and I no longer worried when she would arrive. I knew all was well. I had no idea what time she would arrive because the day before my husband said her bus didn't make it to our house until 4:30. I didn't care though, I sat on the grass feeling the occasional warmth from the sun, listened to the birds and insects,  and felt the cool wind blowing. All of these things kept me in the present moment. I naturally felt like it was a good time to meditate. I began by just watching my breath, just feeling the breath move in and out and noticing how my body felt. I felt calm, warm, and present. The sounds of nature and the sun and wind kept me present. I believe I felt warm when I sat down on the grass because the earth has healing potentials. The earth's vibration warmed my body. I couldn't help but keep a soft smile as I sat and just let myself "be".

I titled this post "everyday yoga" because this is what it is. You don't need a studio, yoga mat, or fancy poses to practice yoga.  I went from feeling cold, irritable, and annoyed to warm, calm, and happy with just breathing and becoming present. Yoga is all about finding stillness, finding peace, becoming present. I hope this post inspires you all to realize and practice everyday yoga when the opportunity presents :)

And now, heres a picture of my beautiful little girl :)

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