Saturday, October 25, 2014

What can we learn from our SAPS (stress, anxiety, pain, suffering)

I have always believed that pain is present to teach us a lesson. Disease, especially I believe is the bodies way of letting us know that we did not pay enough attention to earlier, subtle signs from the body. Disease also is the bodies way of crying out for help and attention. Nothing gets our attention faster than pain or recent diagnosis of chronic disease.

Personally, I have had my own battles with stress, pain, anxiety, and suffering. I talk all about it in my  yoga story . I was successful in relieving a lot of my back pain, digestive symptoms, stress, and anxiety.

Currently, I have been facing some chest discomfort for months now. Its not severe enough to convince me that its something serious. I had a visit with my nurse practitioner who seems to think my chest pain is related to my relax. Over the summer, I started eating any and everything, more fast food, tons of coffee,etc. I was also very busy over the summer, always traveling here and there. Around July, in addition to my chest discomfort, I started having reflux again and trouble swallowing. This is what prompted me to seek my NP. I was given scrip for omeprazole. I never finished the 30 day treatment, but I did go back to eating healthier and decreasing my stress.

Here we are in October and I still have the chest discomfort. It seems to only surface while I am at work, or when I am expressing a lot of emotion (good or bad). Since my healing touch session wednesday and learning that my throat chakra was off balance, I began to learn more about the throat chakra. The throat chakra is all about communication, speaking your truth and listening to others. I have to say I am not the best with communication, historically I hold back how I feel and can never really get my words out verbally. I have been journaling more, and blogging more over the last year. I have also started to share more about myself and my truths with the world. I can remember being embarrassed to talk about holistic nursing and yoga at work. I was so worried about what people would think about me. I thought they wouldn't recognize my specialty and think of me as "less than" Somewhere over the last few months, I stopped worrying about what anyone would think and began to share all that I am passionate about. Creativity and expressing creativity is another characteristic of the throat chakra. I have never been creative, I remember dreading arts and crafts in school, again I always thought I wouldn't do as great of a job as everyone else.  Even to this day, I get a little nervous when I have to do something with arts. However, I have learned to express my creativity  in other ways, my hair, styling my daughters hair, blogging, writing, picture editing, etc. Ive also designed my business cards and flyers for my private practice.

Exploring the throat chakra is bringing up a lot of things that helps me understand why that chakra was off balance. As far as the chest pain, its pretty high in my chest, right around my esophagus. Way in my upper chest, which I  think is part of the throat chakra. I sometimes wonder if I am experiencing this chest discomfort because I am finally communicating, finally expressing myself, and finally being creative. I feel like I must have a ton of energy thats just trapped! Im getting some of it out, in the ways I mentioned above, but theres so much more creative energy left. This makes sense to me since I am on a mission to build my private practice!  I have some nay ideas and things I want to accomplish, but sometimes I feel a little trapped... either by my full-time job, fear, laziness, etc.

It is now my daily mission to get some of my creative energy out every day!

Listening.... I almost forgot to speak on this subject. I have never been a good listener. I am one of those people who prepare their response while the other person is talking. I am always anxious to get my little $0.02 out, even though most of the time I don't know what to say or how to get it out! I have to learn to be a better listener. My husband and children always say to me "let me finish" before I go blabbing off! So another mission for me will be to actively listen~

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