Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yoga Nursing and Yoga teacher training

This morning I had a lovely yoga practice. Reecently, I have been contemplating obtaining Yoga Nurse Certification. Since Ive already shared how I feel, my graduate studies aren't really fitting well into my life right now, I won't beat that horse again. But, I have to say since Ive made closure with the decision to postpone my graduate studies, I have been thinking and feeling that I must continue what I am passionate about. Since starting my yoga teacher training, Ive also become more drawn to eventually becoming a yoga therapist. What better way to become a yoga therapist than with yoga nurse certification? I completed the yoga nurse online essentials just a few months ago, but that training was so powerful and was the push that I needed to realize I can and should take yoga teacher training. The course also helped me realize that I can start my own business/private practice! I just completed a full yoga nurse session, I started with sacred breath, then movement, and did that final 20 minute long sacred relaxation. Throughout the whole practice, my mind kept exploring yoga nursing and my connection to it. It wasn't in an obsessive way, but almost like a little voice inside of me encouraging me to explore it. FInally, I just want to share a little bit about yoga teacher training. For my training I am supposed to practice yoga about 200 minutes a week and practice "teaching" The poses Ive learned so far in YTT are the exact poses included in yoga nurse essentials (give or take a few). Anyways, yoga nurse essentials has been a great review for my YTT and helped me articulate teaching! Another confirmation that I need to pursue yoga nurse certification!

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