Friday, October 3, 2014

You are number 1

I worked nightshift last night. I hate night shift as one shift knocks me completely off my game that it takes me a couple days to recover. Anyways, I  made plans to take my mom out after I'd slept a few hrs... Well by the time I got off, I had been awake for basically 24hrs straight. I decided to cancel our plans. I forgot my change of clothes and I was just too exhausted. Even with a few hours of sleep, I knew my body needed to go home. I felt guilty driving home especially because my mom let me know how disappointed she was. My kids were also off from school,so we were all gonna go out. Not only did I let my mom down but my kids as well. As I drove home I listened to my mind bash me  with words like " selfish, lazy, inconsiderate " . I felt so bad I almost considered going home and then going back out after I slept...mind you I live about 30 miles from my mom.

I got home and instantly felt less tired and suddenly, I didn't feel guilty anymore.  I rationalized that not only was it not safe to stay out after not getting any sleep,  but I would have also cheated myself and family out of a authentic good time. If I would have stuck to the original plan, I would have been doing so out of guilt. Most likely I would have been impatient and moody the whole time. This is just some of the negative reactions that are present when we don't put ourselves first. I used to feel embarrassed to take up for myself and listen and honor my body, but not anymore. I realize my body almost always knows best, (yours does too!) I am very thankful for my yoga practice because this is a perfect example of how yoga helps you in day to day life. Yoga is all about union, the union of the mind body and spirit. This morning my mind was upset and worried about hurting everyone's feelings, my spirit wasn't in synch,I felt torn and a little sad,my body was exhausted and begging me to go home and sleep! 

Again, as soon as I  drove onto my driveway, I started to feel the relaxation begin. I naturally walked over to a sunny spot and sat in a small pile of leaves. I sat for about five minutes feeling the sun, listening to the birds and the wind, smelling the fresh air, and literally feeling my mind body and spirit relax
 Next I went inside, took a shower, and fell asleep! The rest of my day went smoothly and my mind, body, and spirit continued to work well as one. As I finish up this post, I would just like to stress the importance again of listening to your body and putting yourself first. The putting yourself first may sound  selfish, but it isn't. We can not be our best selves if we ignore what we first need. We can't help or take care of anyone unless we've got it together.

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