Saturday, November 15, 2014

Daily yoga

I was looking through my pictures from last year and found so many treasures. I am guilty of taking so many selfies but I, also still a little self conscious so I don't share too much. However, this blog doesn't see too much traffic and I feel this is a safe place to share pictures that are a little more "intimate". I also don't have to worry about who "likes" my pictures as often when I post to Instagram I get caught up in seeing who likes my pics. If it's someone I don't know then the stalker in me finds ther page and when it's all said and done I've spent a good hour or so on Instagram.

Anyways, these few pictures will just show a glimpse into my daily practice at home. I practice yoga everyday all day. Whether it's a few minutes of breathing exercises, or a sun salutation while cooking, meditation before bed, etc. it's incorporating into my daily life and this is how yoga has come to transform me, mind, body, and spirit. 

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