Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Update

The weeks are just flying by and I can't believe thanksgiving is this thursday!

Last week was of course very busy, I had a few papers due for school, worked my usual 3 12s, did a few things for my business, and wrote my third article for I also had yoga teacher training saturday and since I haven't been constantly practicing asana as much as I should (I've been focusing on meditation and pranayama) I was super sore from class saturday. Saturday was our 8th meeting so we are almost halfway through our training. Our director mentioned that after christmas break our schedule will be very busy, but I sooooo look forward to it. Our homework assignment was to create a sequence about 15 minutes long. This will be easy for me since Ive always made up my own sequences. This time however, I am gonna write it out, and be sure to include warm-ups that are appropriate for the postures I will include. I am also gonna write out the benefits, contraindications, and modifications for the postures. I just think doing so will help my learning and will help with my therapeutic focus.

Outside of yoga school, I have been job searching again. lol I miss home care and wish I didn't resign. I know I had to resign because I was way too busy, but a part of me wishes I would have just stuck with it.  My full-time job has been really, really busy and Im beginning to be reminded of the reasons I started looking for another job last year. Its not just my job, its the travel time and to be honest I am just tired of spending 14+hrs away from home 3 days a week. I actually started entertaining positions in nursing education, even though I am not halfway finished my program, I figure someone may hire me :) I won't be officially applying anytime soon however, maybe for fall 2015. I also plan on returning  to home care then.  I like to write and make my little plans because its always cool to look back and see where you came from.

I mentioned I have been meditating more, the great thing about meditation is that it can really clear your mind and help develop creative energy and inspiration to do anything you may want to do (at least for me this happens) Anyways, after a meditation last week, I got an idea to create an ebook. I have been trying to think of ways to offer something for my business outside of providing yoga because so far thats been a little slow. I felt like maybe people first needed to learn that it doesn't take much to practice yoga. I wanted  people to see how easy it is to practice yoga whenever and wherever and experience the benefits of yoga. So I started working on my ebook and I am almost finished! It will be short and sweet, but loaded with beneficial content. It is basically how I have been practicing yoga the past few years. I was never a studio yogi, but my home practice has been amazing and has and continues to influence my life is such a dramatic positive way. So without further due, heres my cover :) The actual book will be ready soon!

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