Monday, December 1, 2014

Easy meditation to calm frustration

Yesterday after being out shopping all day and having a pretty good day, I walked into my house and was instantly annoyed. My good mood went away because I had forgotten I left all the clutter on the kitchen counters, left dirty dishes in the sink, and to top it all off the trash needed emptying. As I type this now, I am embarrassed at how angry I was lol.

Well, there is a bright side of this post. Once I realized how angry I was, I started cleaning. Before I knew it my kitchen looked lovely and I was able to put away all the stuff we had just brought. Even though my mood was a little better, I still felt uptight, annoyed, and frustrated. I decided to go outside, its something about being outside that always instantly lifts my mood.

I was so angry that I walked out of the house without a coat! But it wasn't too cold, about 45 degrees so it wasn't too bad. Anyways, I started walking around my back yard feeling the crunching of the leaves, looking at the green grass underneath, and breathing in the crisp fresh air. Instantly I felt better, comforted, and calm. So much so, that I took a little seat outside near my raised garden. I sat for about 3 minutes and enjoyed a little breathing and then meditation.
while I was enjoying my meditation, my husband decided to spy on me and capture the moment :)

Here are some tips for the easy meditation I enjoyed :)

- Find a place free of distractions
-Sit comfortably
-make sure your back is straight and your shoulders and neck are comfortable
-close your eyes, or lower your gaze (look down at your nose or feet)
-take notice of your breathing pattern at rest; breathing normally
-if you become distracted, take 3-5 deep breaths in and out
-any thoughts that surface, just acknowledge them but don't entertain them
-end your meditation with 3 deep breaths  followed by stretching the arms above the head, finally letting them rest at your heart center

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