Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Put your blinders on!

Ever hear that saying? It originates from racing horses as their peripheral vision is blocked so the can only focus on the road ahead and not those surrounding them. I read a lovely post over at http://findyourcalm.blogspot.com/2010/07/put-your-blinders-on.html pretty much sums up my reasoning for writing this post.

Often,  I get so caught up in what others think of my business/career plans. My plans are not the norm so folks can be very skeptical and critical. I am getting better with not worrying so much what people think of my plans, because quite frankly their opinions don't change me at all. I have been surrounding myself with likeminded people which is a great advantage but sometimes... when you are a busy body Vata dosha ( read about doshas here, its an Ayurveda thing http://www.chopra.com/vata-dosha)girl like me this can be a "bad" thing.  I say "bad" because I am very easily distracted and if I hear or see something I am interested in, I will jump on that bandwagon in a heartbeat! I can go from researching a yoga posture to finding a therapeutic yoga teacher and just reading all about their yoga journey and business.  There is nothing wrong with researching and being passionate about your goals and interest but it becomes harmful when like me,   we get easily distracted and eventually lose sight of your original goals.

I have to cut myself some slack, because I am a little better than I used to be with getting distracted and jumping on bandwagons. My progress is a result of my yoga practice and journaling.

*Journaling is great for busy minds like me, I simply write notes whenever an idea comes to mind. This keeps me from wanting to research the idea immediately.

Back to the blinders and the original reason I wrote this post......  How can one put on "blinders" well for me, again it will be my
*yoga practice (because this allows you to connect with your true self)
* daily journals (again a connection to self)
*decreasing distractions (social media, TV,etc)
*spending time in nature ( this helps you to become present, in the present moment blinders arent needed)

Till next till :)

I just had to add this qoute I found online by Meryl Steep it reads

“Put blinders on to those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head.”http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/706163-put-blinders-on-to-those-things-that-conspire-to-hold

totally applicable to me, because its always my thoughts and my own mind thats distracting me! lol

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Nursing from Within" Book Review

What a treasure! I encourage every nurse to read this book even if you aren't having issues with the current state of nursing. This book isn't just helpful for us as nurses, but the advice and insight Elizabeth provides will help us in our personal lives as well. 
Each chapter has an inspirational quote that goes along with the theme of the chapter,  which I loved! Some of the quotes I wrote down and meditated on what they meant to me. I also enjoyed reading Elizabeth's clinical vignettes and personal stories she shares at the beginning of each chapter, these vignettes are proof that Elizabeth "walks her talk". She tells her story of nursing and describes the problems we face as she has been there. 

This book is not just a summary of nursing problems however, Elizabeth shares how we can all learn to love and be passionate about our careers from nursing within. She has a way of empowering us through her words, reading her book has been such an honor and I am very thankful for the nuggets of wisdom she shares. In the beginning of the book Elizabeth, she shares some of the information she will share we may have heard before. I have to admit, some of the things she recommended, I have heard before but it's something about her perspective that made that same advice seem brand new and inspiring.   

My favorite sentence in her book,   something that I really needed to hear as I am discovering my "nurse within" and going after my hearts desires,  Elizabeth shares " Once you get clear on what it is you want, there's no need to worry about 'how' you will get there" This resonates with me because I have been obsessing over how to really kickstart my business, Elizabeth reminded me to stop worrying because it will happen, just as it did for her!  If you read that quote and wonder how to get clear on what you want, no worries, its all about finding the nurse within and Elizabeth will show you how!

Nursing from Within is an innovative and uplifting guide for nurses at all levels of the profession. Learn how to shift your inner perspective so you can enjoy the work of helping others, regardless of how stressful or challenging the environment you are working in may be. Are you ready to rediscover the joy and passion of nursing? ‘Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds’ is available now. Get your copy today by visiting Elizabeth Scala’s site, or purchase directly from Amazon.

A lesson learned

Yesterday I was so excited to purchase a website!  My husband wanted me to use a different service than I originally picked out which made me mad! I spent the whole day upset, thinking that he just didn't want me to get the site. I let the anger get so out of control that I had myself thinking that he didn't support me (not true at all)

Anyways, this morning I tried to set everything up on my own (even though my husband offered to help me last night) Big mistake! I ended up paying for the domain I wanted but didn't realize I needed to buy hosting as well. I got mad again and canceled the domain and went with the original company I wanted, which costed more. I paid for the second account only to realize this service didn't include a domain!!! LOL I was so frustrated now. I had no choice but to call my husband and tell him what foolishness I had been involved in. I thought he would be mad, but he simply said " I tried to explain everything to you and help you last night,  but you were so angry you refused my help" He went on to say that he would help me tonight after work.

Many lessons are learned here, first I spent $62. Read the fine print and  know what you are paying for! Now since I cancelled I should get my money back. But I now know to trust the resources that I have (my husband) he's very tech savvy and knew what he was talking about and had my best interest at heart.

the original domain I wanted is now unavailable due to my purchase and then cancellation :( This is a tough lesson, I am hoping in the morning once all the refunds are processed the domain will be available again. If not, maybe that wasn't the right name for my business or the right time

finally, never act out of boredom/impulse. this is a fine example . I do it way too often. Had I taken my time and  researched better, I would have knew exactly what I was doing/getting into.

Ive spent all morning on the computer! I need to log off and find my center. If you all cant tell by this post, I need to calm down! lol until next time

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"We become what we think about"

Qoute by Earl Nightengale. I can't remember where I originally heard this,I think it was during my healing touch class last February. Anyways, this Qoute has stayed with me and is a constant reminder to keep my thoughts and intentions positive, because it has been proven to me that we truly become what we think about. Yesterday while looking at old Facebook photos, I found a photo of myself from June 2013, a coworker commented saying "you are in the wrong profession" my response was "one day I will blend yoga and nursing"
Back then, I had no idea how I was gonna blend yoga and nursing,but I knew both nursing and yoga were very important to me and my passion.  Today, almost 2 years later, I am doing exactly what I said I would do! It's amazing, we truly become what we think about! So if there is something you want, go for it, fill your thoughts and intentions with that thing and claim it! Of course we will have moments of negative thoughts, and the same is true for negative thoughts, what you think, you will be. So don't nursing the negativity, let theses negative thoughts pass like moving clouds. Don't entertain them. Just acknowledge that they are there and keep it moving. 

Last night while preparing for this post, I found this lovely article that speaks about nourishing positivity, it's a good read. http://www.transcendyourlimits.com/we-become-what-we-think-about/

Until next time friends, take care and remember to nourish positivity :)