Monday, January 19, 2015

A lesson learned

Yesterday I was so excited to purchase a website!  My husband wanted me to use a different service than I originally picked out which made me mad! I spent the whole day upset, thinking that he just didn't want me to get the site. I let the anger get so out of control that I had myself thinking that he didn't support me (not true at all)

Anyways, this morning I tried to set everything up on my own (even though my husband offered to help me last night) Big mistake! I ended up paying for the domain I wanted but didn't realize I needed to buy hosting as well. I got mad again and canceled the domain and went with the original company I wanted, which costed more. I paid for the second account only to realize this service didn't include a domain!!! LOL I was so frustrated now. I had no choice but to call my husband and tell him what foolishness I had been involved in. I thought he would be mad, but he simply said " I tried to explain everything to you and help you last night,  but you were so angry you refused my help" He went on to say that he would help me tonight after work.

Many lessons are learned here, first I spent $62. Read the fine print and  know what you are paying for! Now since I cancelled I should get my money back. But I now know to trust the resources that I have (my husband) he's very tech savvy and knew what he was talking about and had my best interest at heart.

the original domain I wanted is now unavailable due to my purchase and then cancellation :( This is a tough lesson, I am hoping in the morning once all the refunds are processed the domain will be available again. If not, maybe that wasn't the right name for my business or the right time

finally, never act out of boredom/impulse. this is a fine example . I do it way too often. Had I taken my time and  researched better, I would have knew exactly what I was doing/getting into.

Ive spent all morning on the computer! I need to log off and find my center. If you all cant tell by this post, I need to calm down! lol until next time

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