Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hellllllloooo February!

As usual life has been pretty busy! I am counting down the remaining 2 weeks until my graduate class is over, I have finally decided to really put off anymore classes until fall 2015. I want to spend the last few months of YTT and continue to focuse on self healing, learning for enjoyment, and building my private practice. 

In March I will be traveling to Georgia to teach a yoga class at a women's retreat! It's surreal and I really still can't believe that I will be taking my first solo trip as well as my first business trip! It's funny how we can really manifest what we want and it can come to be. Months ago, maybe even a year or so I started entertaining the idea of traveling for a retreat. As I get deeper into self healing and yoga, I had this desire to go on a retreat. Little did I know I would get this wonderful oppurtunity that I have coming in March.

So the next couple weeks I will be focusing on YTT, building content for my private practice as well as preparing for my trip! Oh I've also contacted my old homecare job because I can't seem to stop thinking about returning to homecare. I know I'm already busy junto plan on returning to homecare in the fall, I love it so much and really miss the 1;1 patient interactions as well as spending more time outdoors and working independently. 

If I have the fall I am imagining I will be working part-time at the hospital and part-time in homecare. I will also have a few clients/workshops lined up for my private practice. I know I said earlier I would return to grad school as well, but that isn't set in stone! 

All for now 🙏

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