Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sigma Theta Tau International!

As much as I complain about graduate school and constantly change my mind about taking classes, i am in shock that I received my invitation to join STTI !!!!!  I forgot all about my 4.0 GPA lol. I am taking this invitation as a sign to "keep on keeping" I have never received any kind of academic or professional honors in my entire career so I am so proud to be inducted into STTI! I accepted the request as soon as I seen the email. Another sign.... the colors are purple which is my favorite color! Anyways, I must head off to finish this assignment for grad school that got interrupted
with my induction email. The assignment is due in 5 hours and I only have about 20% completed!

A more formal, professional post will come later about my induction. I just had to share the excitement :)

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