Friday, March 20, 2015


I admit I didn't really understand what it meant to have increased vitality when I read it was one of the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. I have noticed over the last couple weeks since changing my daily coffee  to organic coffee infused with lingzhi, that I have been "feeling better". Lately I have been feeling like it's easier to breathe, I am more aware and conscious of my body and emotions. I noticed I have more energy, it's almost  like my eyes even feel more open! It's a little hard to explain especially because I didn't have anything wrong with me before I started drinking the coffee. I feel more alert, but at the same time calm and relaxed. As a yogi, I can definitely feel a difference in my inhales and exhales, my breathing is smoother and  flows more effectively through my body.  I am also more connected with the rhythm of my heartbeat, sure my heart was beating just fine before, but It feels more vibrant.  I can surely say I know and am experiencing increased vitality.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finding your voice and vision

Week 3 is a wrap! I must say I ended the week with a bang! I made a very exciting move with my business and it has fired me up even more to really get things going. This week was pretty good, I had the chance to attend a live webinar and one of my team members business reception. I connected with several people throughout the week and overall had a decent week.

This evening I did the "I am" meditation with my mala beads and had some very interesting powerful thoughts come up related to finding my voice and my vision for my new business. I have to admit, I have been attached and obsessed with getting results and I think this may be one of the reasons I haven't recieved those results I think that I want. During my meditation I realized this as well as another important peice..... I haven't really found my voice or vision! I just jumped right in and so far have been letting my team and coaches pretty much tell me exactly what to say and do! Now this is helpful,because I need all the support and training I can get, but at the same time I am leaning way too much on them to help me build my business. The very first training I attended, I learned that no one can build your business for you! So what's a girl to do? Week 4 will be all about me finding my voice and really getting keen on my vision. It is a blessing to have partnered with a company that has so much training and support,  it can also be a curse of you rely solely on the system! You must have faith and confidence in yourself and this is what I have been lacking. I rationalize if I do everything I am taught then I can't fail and if I do it will be the systems fault.... This is so wrong because what I need to do is take the training and support and use it as a tool, but not let it handicap me.

 Here's to week 4 ☺️

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Awesome Week!

I want to make note of the awesome week I've had both with my new business and my private practice. Earlier this week I connected with a fellow yoga nurse and she actually invited me to host lecture with the company she is a part of! The great thing about this offer is I actually already have the content planned since I had to complete something similar for school and I had already been planning a workshop/lecture!

Next, I finally approached management at my current hospital job about offering stress management classes for my coworkers. It was presented at our staff retreat and I have received a fair amount of interest :)

Keeping on the topic of stress management, I received an email that I was chosen as an ambassador for! This is very exciting, I will be sharing content, most likely articles. This will be my second writing gig :)

Finally, my biggest awesome news is the turn out for my  business launch! I feel so blessed and excited for my future building my business and my heart literally had flutters seeing all the faces of people who joined my event. I spent a good hour or two after the event following up with everyone, and I love every minute of it. It is so rewarding to work for yourself, helping others realize and achieve their goals, especially doing so from the comfort of my home and connecting with people across the U.S. My company is the perfect blend of the things I love, working from home, technology, education, support, holistic nutrition. So very blessed to be on this journey☺️

Glory to God for continuing to order my steps and place the right opportunities and the right people in my life at the right time. This is all truly divine intervention 🙏