Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finding your voice and vision

Week 3 is a wrap! I must say I ended the week with a bang! I made a very exciting move with my business and it has fired me up even more to really get things going. This week was pretty good, I had the chance to attend a live webinar and one of my team members business reception. I connected with several people throughout the week and overall had a decent week.

This evening I did the "I am" meditation with my mala beads and had some very interesting powerful thoughts come up related to finding my voice and my vision for my new business. I have to admit, I have been attached and obsessed with getting results and I think this may be one of the reasons I haven't recieved those results I think that I want. During my meditation I realized this as well as another important peice..... I haven't really found my voice or vision! I just jumped right in and so far have been letting my team and coaches pretty much tell me exactly what to say and do! Now this is helpful,because I need all the support and training I can get, but at the same time I am leaning way too much on them to help me build my business. The very first training I attended, I learned that no one can build your business for you! So what's a girl to do? Week 4 will be all about me finding my voice and really getting keen on my vision. It is a blessing to have partnered with a company that has so much training and support,  it can also be a curse of you rely solely on the system! You must have faith and confidence in yourself and this is what I have been lacking. I rationalize if I do everything I am taught then I can't fail and if I do it will be the systems fault.... This is so wrong because what I need to do is take the training and support and use it as a tool, but not let it handicap me.

 Here's to week 4 ☺️

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