Friday, March 20, 2015


I admit I didn't really understand what it meant to have increased vitality when I read it was one of the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. I have noticed over the last couple weeks since changing my daily coffee  to organic coffee infused with lingzhi, that I have been "feeling better". Lately I have been feeling like it's easier to breathe, I am more aware and conscious of my body and emotions. I noticed I have more energy, it's almost  like my eyes even feel more open! It's a little hard to explain especially because I didn't have anything wrong with me before I started drinking the coffee. I feel more alert, but at the same time calm and relaxed. As a yogi, I can definitely feel a difference in my inhales and exhales, my breathing is smoother and  flows more effectively through my body.  I am also more connected with the rhythm of my heartbeat, sure my heart was beating just fine before, but It feels more vibrant.  I can surely say I know and am experiencing increased vitality.

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