Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stand Out!!!!

I have always been somewhat  drawn to the different side of things, or the nontraditional style of living

-For instance, I chose not to live on campus during college
-I chose to have a child prior to marriage
-when it was time to marry, we had a destination wedding with an open invite
-right out of nursing school I was able to move right into a specialty that DID not accept new nurses traditionally
- I wear my hair in a nontraditional style
-I  have never been into make-up, fancy clothes, or jewelry
-I purchased my dream house under 30
-I have always known exactly what I want for my life and have been able to accomplish everything I decide to do. ( This is because I have always worked from a heart centered space)

Consistent with my personal life, my business has been the same. I chose a non traditional path, a path that is fueled by my hearts desires and not by what is expected. I am proud to be part of two heart centered movements that are changing my life in the most powerful way, as well as the people I serve.

The path  I am on is my destiny and just like my history, I have decided to invest in businesses that are not too popular right now. But, I am one of many spreading and informing the masses on what is near and dear to my heart.  We were all created to be originals, so why follow the lead? why do what everyone expects you to do? Find what makes you stand out and own it! Be proud of who you are and what makes you different.

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