Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Often I like to drive to work in silence, I normally get the urge to do so when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Normally I listen to music, podcast, motivational speeches, etc but some days usually when I  am feeling out of balance I realize I just need silence. Time to observe my busy thoughts, time to be present! Whenever I do these silent commutes I always have some type of revelation or just a feeling of ease and calm. Today, I was blessed to have a few revelations as well as ease and calmness 🙏

I've mentioned before that I started a home based business. I am heading into my 5th month with the company. It has definitely been a challenging few months, not because my company isn't amazing.... This morning I realized all of my frustrations with my business are of my own doing. I have been so distracted and trying to create this person that I am not, I have been making excuse after excuse and just making things way more complicated than they need to be. With all that said, July awaits and it's a new start for me and my business.

Besides my home based business, I have also been building my Holistic Nursing Business.  I have been frustrated, distracted and making things so complicated with this business too! This morning I realized, I need to focus on the things I have in place with my business and stop trying to add more things on before I see my first projects thru! So my plan is to focus on my personal yoga practice, my stress mannagement class for my coworkers, and just roll with whatever other oppurtunites pop up along the way ☺️

Grad school also resurfaced. I originally said I would go back in fall 2015, but because of all the chaos I mentioned above I have been toying with the idea of not going back. Well this morning, I decided I have to revisit my original intentions for graduate school and again complete what I have in progress!

Whew! Feels good to get all of that out! Now I just need to get disciplined and really get stuff done 😁

Excuse the dirty windshield, but I just had to capture how beautiful the sky looked this morning. Another benefit of a silent commute..

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