Monday, June 1, 2015

Tiffany BSN, RN, CYT

This past weekend I took my last 2 classes for my yoga teacher certification! I still can't believe  the program is over, its been a long at times trying journey. I can remember several weekends where I just wanted to quit, there were times that I was tired, missed my kids, missed events, missed time with my husband, missed time just spending the weekend relaxing. In fact there was one weekend where, I was so overwhelmed and exhausted that while trying to drive to training, tears were just running down my face and I turned around and skipped class. Through out all of this, my burning desire to achieve my goals and really bring the change I want to see in our world kept me going. This training was the first thing I ever completed that wasn't "required" or done to " get a job, promotion, etc" This was purely something elective that I wanted to do for myself and my future.

I haven't quite developed exactly what I will do now that I am done, but I would love to share a few things that are going on.

-I have been teaching a chair yoga class for my coworkers for a few weeks now

-I have received a few inquires for private yoga classes

-I even had one of our surgeons ask me to attend one of the meetings for which he is the chair of, to present Yoga and my mission for helping health care workers. We were having a casual conversation when he asked me about my yoga class, I then shared my mission and he then invited me! He wants to see if we can get buy in from some other departments in the hospital :)

- I interviewed at a studio last month to teach. I don't know why I did this , because I've said time and time again that I didn't want to teach at a studio. After the interview, the owner basically said she hired me and asked for my schedule via email. I sent it a few days later, and have yet to hear from her.   This wasn't a surprise to me at all,  I am meant to do more and her lack of response was a sign from the universe that I need to stay focused on what I am doing and my mission.

All in all, I realize we don't always have to have a plan. What's important is to know what you want, and take the steps necessary to get it done, all the while trusting that you are on the right path and being led by a force greater than you!

Much Love and Light to you all!


  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Tiffany. You will attract the right situation for your career as you create what that looks like in your life. I volunteer teach a Gentle Yoga Class for Seniors at a Retirement Community going on three years. Every Friday from 8-9 AM the seniors faithfully arrive with mats in hand. The class has grown to include the nursing staff and others and now I am being recruited to teach another class on Tuesdays and will be getting paid for that one.

    All you need to do is bring your love and light to others just like you are doing with Yoga for your colleagues at work. The rest will happen through this small powerful gift.

    Feel free to visit my blog "Healthcare De-Mystified" and my Beaulieu Health and Wellness Associates Facebook Page.



    1. Hi Judith, thank you so much for your kind words and advice. I will most certainly check out your blog and Facebook Page. ☺️๐Ÿ™