Sunday, August 30, 2015


Today's sermon at church was on healing! Of all topics, healing. I felt personally connected to this topic as I just prayed last week for my healing of GERD and chest pain. Further, as a holistic nurse, my main goal is to assist my clients in their own healing. This sermon encouraged me to continue on my path of self healing and to continue my work as a holistic nurse entrepreneur to help my clients heal.

Its just amazing to me how things just keep looping back to the source.

Just less than an hour after I made this post, a video recapping the service was posted to the church Facebook page ☺️✨

Please check it out here:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Holy Yoga Challenge

This is a repost from my Instagram account.

I'm in! I haven't done a "#yogachallenge" in years because I didn't like the feelings associated with challenge back then, but over the years I've done a lot of #selfwork and realize I can control my feelings associated with the word challenge. What is more, I feel this challenge presents at the perfect time for me as I have shared recently that I have reconnected with my #faith #christianity as well as found my church home a few weeks ago. It amazes me sometimes how something's in life just flow, with little or no effort from us. I look forward to connecting with the #holyyoga  community as well as the #yoga community in general. ☺️πŸ™
#HolisticNurse #holisticnursing #healthandwellness #selfcare

Self Discipline

I've lost count of what day this is for the 30 day blog challenge, I just know that it hasn't been 30 days yet so here I am ☺️

Tonight I just wanted to Write about social media.... It's great! I've made many powerful and meaningful connections thru social media and since starting my business it's been really helpful... But it's also a huge distraction! It also triggers negative emotions for me sometimes. So with that said, I need to limit my time on social media as part of my self discipline. Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't check facebook or Twitter! Now I will need to use social media for busienss as well as connecting and staying up to date with my family and friend, but just like anything else there needs to be balance and boundaries! So I am working on that πŸ˜‰

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Another night of almost forgetting to blog! This will be a short one... What am I thankful for today?
-Well I am thankful to have arrived home safely from work
-thankful for my big sister who always supports me and loves me
-thankful to be a believer 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

EGD it is

Or endoscopy, which means I will have a procedure where a doctor will take a look into my esophagus stomach and small intestines to see what is going on with this chest pain and GERD.

This was the result of my appt today... At first the NP tried to have me go back on omeprazole, but I insisted I wanted to know what the cause of my symptoms were and not just try to mask them. She told me some people just have it and there's no explanatation, but from my understanding of eastern medicine, there is always a reason. I don't want medications, I just want to make sure I don't have any internal damage then I can confidently continue on my path of self healing ❤️πŸ™

Monday, August 24, 2015

The mushrooms are helping

I shared quite a while ago... Actually probably last year that still have some symptoms of GERD. Lately it has gotten worse to the point where the pain radiates to my upper back and neck, it also is a littl uncomfortable to swallow at times.. Like I have to be mindful and sometimes take an extra sip of liquid otherwise it feels like my food is stuck . Anyways, I've scheduled appts to see my care providers just to make sure there isn't in damage ( I hope not) but to also figure out what the cause could be. I have been feeling that ️perhaps my history of heartburn over the years has made my esphogus become inflamed and narrow. Anyways, I have been taking the medicinal mushroom "soothe the stomach" for a few weeks and I have to say I feel better when o take it, the pain isn't as severs and at time so don't even notice any pain or trouble swallowing. The supplement has "lions mane" mushroom which has been known to support digest health.
I will see my NP tomorrow and then a dr who will perform a procedure to make sure I don't have any internal damage.

Outside of medicinal mushrooms and doctors, I have prayed and claimed that "I am healed" because Jesus is a healer and i know my gerd and chest pain again be healed. I have also made the decision in my mind that there is nothing physically wrong, it's so important to be careful what we tell ourselves because our thoughts create our reality. Lastly, I have implemented healing touch again for my heart and throat chakras. I have no doubt this GeRd and chest pain will be resolved soon!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Sunday

Almost didn't go to church today because I was tired from yesterday's shaninnigans and also thinking about the birthday party we have to attend this afternoon... But God had plans for me to be there and I am thankful we made it ☺️It feels good to start the week off in church, I had a great week last week and I know it was because of how I started my week, in Church, praying and reading my bible daily and seeking God first. 

Happy Sunday ☺️

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Almost forgot!!

To blog today.... It's been a busy fun filled but tiring saturday. He kids had karate in the morning , then we headed to my sistes house which resulted in a Walmart trip to buy food and supplies for a suprise party for my moms birthday! It's 10:4pm and I am just getting settled home after being out since 9am. Good day though and I am thankful for my new routine and discipline because just as I was about to hop in the shower, I received my day in my head trying to make sure I kept my word to myself and to those that are following this blog. Much love and so much appreciation☺️

Oh my sister got a new dog a few days ago... A rescue who is sooooo sweet! Say hello to Benji ❤️

Friday, August 21, 2015

"You could be hired as the CEO somewhere"

This is what I was told when a coworker was trying to convince me to return to graduate school. Don't get me wrong I value education and I am thankful for my education as a nurse. However, there is something inside of me that desires so much more than a traditional education can offer. I am a student of life, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Graduate school simply put, does not motivate me. At 31 years old, I can proudly say I don't need validation by any any employer offering me anything. I have the oppurtunity to create my own success and I am doing just that. 

My response to my coworker was... I am already a CEO of my own company and proud of it! 

In closing, I am not saying one path is right or wrong. It's all about mindset, your mindset determines what path you take. My prior mindset was to do what everyone else does because that's what I was taught all my life, but the more I learn in the education of life... Shifts begin to happen. #millionairemindset

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Show me your tongue!!

A couple days ago I shared 3 things I do daily as part of my morning routine. This morning I would like to share a little more on tongue analysis! Yes it is a "thing" according to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine ( if you can't tell by now, I LOVE eastern medicine ❤️)

Anyways, I love checking my tongue in the morning because it really tells me what I need to focus on to improve my health daily. If I have a super thick coating on my tongue I know I need to focus on supporting my digestive system to help remove those toxins. I do this by drinking either warm water throughout the day, ginger lemon water, or a homemade digestive tea. I also know to avoid foods that are going to take a lot of effort to digest and I will avoid things that kinda dull the digestive fire... Like cold beverages 

If my tongue is beautifully pink with hardly any coating, I am super proud! This usually inspires me to continue to make healthy choices throughout the day.

So why is this so important... Well as I learned in ayurveda "you are what you digest" not so much you are what you eat. This is important because even if you are eating the right things, if you aren't digesting them and getting the nutrients, what's the point? The digestive system is also closely related to your immune system, infact I have learned that the majority of your immune system is in your gut! I can personally attest to the link between digestion and immunity as years ago, I would get sinus infections every year that would last months! I started focusing on supporting my digestive system by  making simple changes like drinking warm water as opposed to cold, choosing foods that are easy to digest, and most importantly eating with mindfulness and making sure I was free of negative emotions while eating. After implementing these changes I noticed I no longer get those sinus infections! In fact I haven't had a cold in years, even when my husband and children catch colds and are sick I have yet to catch their colds πŸ‘☺️

I hope this post was helpful!! I will share some of my favorite links below, if you would like more info on ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Exciting things coming up

September- Alphay Regional Summit

October- Vendor at two Health and Wellness Events

November - Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients workshop

Just a little reminder of the amazing things coming up! I am super excited for these events and thankful... So so thankful to live my purpose with passion 

#poweredbyheart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Day 8/30 blog challenge 

Powered By Heart

In the beginning of 2015 I decided I needed a #workfromhome job because I was tired of the typical #nursejobs that required me to work 12 hr shifts which then ends up being a 14 hr day for me. I was tired of working opposite days from my husband. I wanted to have time to enjoy my #beautifulhome #beautifulfamilybuild my #holisticnursingpractice #yogaand do all the things I love and am#passionate about. I was introduced to my amazing company from a fellow#holisticnurse and my life forever changed. I began to #dream again and became aware of all the #abundance in this life available to us. My search began looking for another #job but #divineinterventionbrought to me my own #business because honestly a part of me didn't really want another job with rules, time clocks and having someone else dictate my life... But that part of me was very shy, quite, and lacked confidence to really #manifest what I wanted. Thankfully , in my company I am surrounded by other like minded #leaderswho have helped me learn #businessskillsbut most importantly#personaldevelopment which has increased my confidence and belief in myself to create the life I have always dreamed of. How does this picture relate? Well it's a picture of how we do business, from anywhere on our terms, as we are connecting with others like us, building each other up, #educating #empoweringand being #poweredbyheart to#bethechangeyouwish to see ☺️#blessed#healthandwealth #themovement

If this post looks familiar... its from my instagram account a few days ago :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Morning routine

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love mornings and how much I LOVE my morning routine. I developed this habit a couple years ago after learning about ayurveda (which is called the science of life) Today, I will share 3 things I have been consistent with in my morning routine and how it helps me set the tone for my day.

Tongue Brushing- what?? lol this is an ayurveda thing. but basically before brushing my teeth I like to check out my tongue because according to Ayurveda and even Traditional CHinese Medicine, the tongue can tell the story of how healthy or unhealthy you are.It would take a whole post or more to really explain it all. But basically you want to check for a pink, bright tongue! I tend to have sluggish digestion, so if I havent eaten well the night before or if I have been stressed it will show on my tongue. I like to have an idea of how I am starting my day, this lets me what I really need to really focus on that day to get my body back to balance. Oh, actual tongue brushing just requires a tongue brush, or metal spoon and you literally scrape the gunk off your tongue (about 5 strokes)  The idea is to get all that undigested gunk (ama- toxic build-up) off your tongue before your first drink or meal so you arent sending it further into your digestive system :)

Coffee- YES!!!!! I love warm beverages and love the quite of the morning where  I can enjoy my coffee uninterupted. I have been drinking coffee infused with lingzhi mushromms since Febuary this year and love that I am making a healthier choice, funny story before I started drinking lingzhi coffee  I always needed a ton of cream and sugar in my coffee. Now now, because this coffee is ogranic and I no longer need to dilute the taste of those nasty pesticides in regular coffee. Most days I still use a little creamer, but could totally drink and love this coffee black. Some of the benefits of the lingzhi coffee include- increased vitality, overall health, and it supports your immune system! More on the benefits of lingzhi in another post. Oh, so why drink a warm beverage in the morning? Well it helps to kickstart your digestive system :)

Yoga- Of course I practice yoga daily!~ Wheter its a few minutes of breathing, meditation, or movement I have to do something everyday before I start my day. It helps to get me centered and helps to get the "prana"(life force energy) flowing thru me more effectively, it gives me energy and makes me happy and move easier. I can always feel the difference if I don't practice yoga, I am stiff, less patient, and just feel like something is missing.  I don't normally spend more than 10 minutes on yoga in the morning because that is all I need and sometimes all that I have time for. But those 10 minutes/day are way more beneficial for me than when I was taking a 1 hr class/ once a week

So, do you have a morning routine? I would love to hear about it, please leave your comments below

Day 6/30 blog challenge ☺️

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Right place at the right time

This was me today... Over a year ago one of my very good friends told me about a church , how much she loved it and how she thought I would enjoy it. I had been saying for a few years now that I wanted to go back to church especially to teach my kids about Christ. My sister moved and now lives 10 minutes from me and the first kid my nephew meets happens to be the son of a pastor. Now when I had learned their church was in my neighborhood and after meeting the pastor And his wife, I wasn't sure but the energy I felt when I met them led me to believe this was the church my friend recommended a year ago. It would be a few more weeks until I attended and confirmed, but my sister attended and told me how much she loved the church and that I had to go. My sister confirmed that this was the church my friend told me about. 

Long story short, after having a rough few days and long night last night I decided to go to church this morning. Last night in one of my journals I wrote about putting all my faith in God over every aspect of my life because I know "with God, nothing shall be impossible "  this morning I started to watch the live stream of the service on the Internet, but spirit moved me to attend. I was nervous, especially because I knew my kids wouldn't want to go. But in my heart  I knew it was my responsibility to introduce them to Christ and I knew it was time for me to stop trying to do everything on my own.

We arrived at church and felt welcome from the parking lot, my kids went to bible class for their age groups and I went into the main service. Tears began to flow as I walked into the praise and worship as I listened to the words I just felt the spirit, I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I tried to hide my tears but I couldn't, I wasn't sad I was just overwhelmed with joy and this great feeling of knowing I was home and really feeling that I finally believe that God really is in control. He led me to that church, not in my timing but his perfect timing. After the sermon, I rededicated my life and my heart to Christ, just as I had written the night before in my journal. I surrendered and I am so excited to walk this path  teach my children, and  introduce my husband to this church and worship as a family. 

So this is blog entry for day 5 as well as my thanks for the day. I am thankful to have found this church and thankful that God is always there, never leaves us, and even welcomes us back into his grace with open arms. 

Ps. My kids LOVED the church too and little did I know I would bump into my friends daughter today at church ☺️

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Give Thanks Daily

So, Ive been doing pretty well with my new self discipline regimen and this morning after praying and meditating I decided to add in documenting what I am thankful for daily. The timing couldn't be any better since I am blogging daily for the next 25 days and I have my new passion planner which is serving as my journal and calendar, as well as a little compact vision board.

Anyways, today I am thankful for Jesus and prayer. When I look back at my life and think about how I got to where I am today and how I get thru difficult times, it was always with prayer, faith and Jesus! I seriously don't where I would be or what I would be if I didn't pray and if others didn't pray for me, or if I had never accepted Jesus as my savior.

Now, I am not a "faithful christian" that goes to church every Sunday but I have been consistent my entire life with seeking God first when I need guidance with anything.... well wait a minute... sometimes I have tried on my own and its not until I realize that I am not making any progress that I back track and ask for Gods help.  With God we can't fail, so why not seek him first and give thanks for all that you have and all that God will continue to provide you with.

I will end this post with scripture I read a few days ago and wrote it down in my passion planner. Whenever I get discouraged or think I will never reach my goals I have to remind myself.....


day 4 blog challenge :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When No feels good!

 Day 2
In business that is, in the beginning every no feels like a personal attack! It makes you question what you are doing? Is it ever gonna work out? After experience and personal development at some point you realize a NO just means not now and even if it's a NO at another time too , this allows you to move along to the next prospect and other things you need to do in your business. It is our job to educate and inform, to share information.. That it all, it is up to the prospect to make their decision. We have to learn to separate ourselves from the outcome, because it's not even our outcome to be attached to πŸ˜‰

This goes for any business, anytime you decide to pursue something out of the norm people,will question  you and reject you. It's nothing personal, they just are used to the norm ... As the song says though " I ain't trying to do what everybody else doing, just cause everybody doing what they all do" it's nothing wrong with the 9-5 or what everybody else is doing, it's just not for me. As an entrepreneur you have to have the mindset that no matter how many nos you get or how many times you get called crazy you have to remember WHY you are doing what you are doing and don't take things personal. I love Sarah Robbins and in this video she gives a great example of a waitress in a coffe shop. The waitress asks everyone if they would like coffee, some say yes and some say no. When someone says no the waitress doesn't stop, she moves on to the next. This is exactly what we must do, just keep on moving, keep doing our job. Check out her video here! She's an amazing resource ☺️

Blog Challenge

Day 1

During the month of July, I shared that I really needed to get disciplined in several areas of my life. I decided to start with disciplining myself through daily bible reading, prayer, and yoga. I am happy to say every single day I have been able to be consistent with those things.

Almost 2 weeks ago I received an email from offering a PAID nurse blogger gig! I couldn't believe it! I joined NT not even a year ago as a contributing author, I had no idea I would be getting paid to provide content so soon. Anyways, the blogging position requires me to post daily to the forums on the website. Thanks to first discipling myself with my faith and self care, I am now able to carry that discipline over into my life as an entrepreneur ☺️

So what does this have to do with a blog challenge? Well this morning while sipping my Lingzhi tea, I started thinking well actually I had been thinking about this for months (blogging more) anyways, I thought to myself, If I can commit to daily actions for someone else's business... Why shouldn't I do the same for my business? With that said the challenge begins ✨πŸ™✨πŸ™

Please join me along the way, by sharing, commenting, or following my blog. I promise not to disappoint ☺️ 

With Much Gratitude,

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Healing touch in PACU

Often I am asked "if you work in a hospital, how do you practice holistic nursing?" Today I will answer that question briefly. Before I begin to share, I just want to speak on why I chose this topic. A few days ago I Created the topic "healing touch in pacu" with the intention to write about it sometime in the future. After my shower, I went looking thru one of my bags in search of my lavender oil, instead I found one of my first journals since beginning yoga. I happen to stumble upon entries written around the time I had taken level1 healing touch and how excited I was to possibly include the therapy into my private holistic nursing practice. 

Ok back to topic.... Healing touch is an energy therapy that may help alleviate pain and anxiety. Every since I had a patient report to me that simply placing my hands on her shoulder with the intention to help her feel better, I have been very intentional everytime  I touch my patients. Particularly, thoracic patients because they all complain of shoulder pain after their surgery and unfortunately narcotics don't alleviate this type of pain. We use heat packs and repositioning instead, every time I place the heat packs I hold my hands in place for a few seconds with the intention to help my patient heal and to help the energy move thru me and the field to help their body in whatever way needed. I have been practicing this every chance I get and so far it makes for a happy patient and happy nurse. I think my patients can feel my heart centered intention when I place the heat packs because they almost always close their eyes, sigh, and say "oh that feels better "when I do so. Now of course it could be just feeling the heat on their skin from the hot pack but deep inside I know the energy is working. This is just one way I practice holistic nursing in the hospital setting.

To learn more about healing touch please visit