Saturday, August 29, 2015

Holy Yoga Challenge

This is a repost from my Instagram account.

I'm in! I haven't done a "#yogachallenge" in years because I didn't like the feelings associated with challenge back then, but over the years I've done a lot of #selfwork and realize I can control my feelings associated with the word challenge. What is more, I feel this challenge presents at the perfect time for me as I have shared recently that I have reconnected with my #faith #christianity as well as found my church home a few weeks ago. It amazes me sometimes how something's in life just flow, with little or no effort from us. I look forward to connecting with the #holyyoga  community as well as the #yoga community in general. ☺️🙏
#HolisticNurse #holisticnursing #healthandwellness #selfcare

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