Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Powered By Heart

In the beginning of 2015 I decided I needed a #workfromhome job because I was tired of the typical #nursejobs that required me to work 12 hr shifts which then ends up being a 14 hr day for me. I was tired of working opposite days from my husband. I wanted to have time to enjoy my #beautifulhome #beautifulfamilybuild my #holisticnursingpractice #yogaand do all the things I love and am#passionate about. I was introduced to my amazing company from a fellow#holisticnurse and my life forever changed. I began to #dream again and became aware of all the #abundance in this life available to us. My search began looking for another #job but #divineinterventionbrought to me my own #business because honestly a part of me didn't really want another job with rules, time clocks and having someone else dictate my life... But that part of me was very shy, quite, and lacked confidence to really #manifest what I wanted. Thankfully , in my company I am surrounded by other like minded #leaderswho have helped me learn #businessskillsbut most importantly#personaldevelopment which has increased my confidence and belief in myself to create the life I have always dreamed of. How does this picture relate? Well it's a picture of how we do business, from anywhere on our terms, as we are connecting with others like us, building each other up, #educating #empoweringand being #poweredbyheart to#bethechangeyouwish to see ☺️#blessed#healthandwealth #themovement

If this post looks familiar... its from my instagram account a few days ago :)

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  1. I wrote a comment. It asked me to sign in and then lost my comment. The jist of it. Glad you made your passion into a business. I'm still searching for my passion and researching starting a business. Ps I never did yoga, although I need to because I have a lot of stress.