Monday, August 24, 2015

The mushrooms are helping

I shared quite a while ago... Actually probably last year that still have some symptoms of GERD. Lately it has gotten worse to the point where the pain radiates to my upper back and neck, it also is a littl uncomfortable to swallow at times.. Like I have to be mindful and sometimes take an extra sip of liquid otherwise it feels like my food is stuck . Anyways, I've scheduled appts to see my care providers just to make sure there isn't in damage ( I hope not) but to also figure out what the cause could be. I have been feeling that ️perhaps my history of heartburn over the years has made my esphogus become inflamed and narrow. Anyways, I have been taking the medicinal mushroom "soothe the stomach" for a few weeks and I have to say I feel better when o take it, the pain isn't as severs and at time so don't even notice any pain or trouble swallowing. The supplement has "lions mane" mushroom which has been known to support digest health.
I will see my NP tomorrow and then a dr who will perform a procedure to make sure I don't have any internal damage.

Outside of medicinal mushrooms and doctors, I have prayed and claimed that "I am healed" because Jesus is a healer and i know my gerd and chest pain again be healed. I have also made the decision in my mind that there is nothing physically wrong, it's so important to be careful what we tell ourselves because our thoughts create our reality. Lastly, I have implemented healing touch again for my heart and throat chakras. I have no doubt this GeRd and chest pain will be resolved soon!

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