Monday, September 7, 2015

Fear of Rejection

I have to speak on this topic, because yes I still struggle with it.  I decided yesterday I would begin to work on this fear and have been finding much comfort and inspiration from reading the bible and praying. Yesterday we had plans to go to an orchard as well as a family cookout for Labor Day. I knew this would interfere with church , so planned on attending the 830am service as opposed to the 1030. Well I overslept and didn't wake up till 8, then my mom called me and I ended up talking for about 20 minutes,  something clicked in my head and told me to get to church even if I would be late. After all, had it been work, I would have went anyway or any other appointment I would have still went.

So I arrive at church and the praise team was singing the most beautiful song and it was the last song before the sermon," Jesus at the Center" this song reinforced what I have been trying to do these last few weeks, have Jesus at the center of all that I do .

Moving on to the sermon, it was about emotional healing. The pastor ministered on fear, rejection, depression, anxiety, etc. I know God wanted me to hear that sermon and I am so thankful I went. So I leave you all with this scripture paraphased "if they don't welcome you, shake the dust off your feet as you leave as your testimony"

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