Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's been too long!

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog since September 😫 Needless to say, I have been very "fruitful" I like to use his word instead of busy every since listening to Joyce Meyers break down how negative "busy" can be (that's another story) but I think I should say a few things about each month during my absence.

October - my family and I celebrated Halloween together!  Why is this a big deal? Well it's been 5 years since we were all off together for Halloween. It helped that Halloween fell on a Saturday in 2015 😉

November- great month! My son turned 6, we celebrated my favorite holiday (thanksgiving) and I started my Certified Yoga Nurse training 🙏

December- Christmas!!!!!  Which meant a little bit of a break from work and school, time with family, and gift giving.

And here we are in a new year! It's January and I am laying by the fireplace feeling quite thankful for all of the many blessings God gives daily, constantly!  Saturday I will be taking my exam for my certified yoga nurse training! I have also finally opened my home yoga studio and held my first class last week. I was blessed to serve 3 students that day. Finally, my husband and I will be traveling to LA at the end of the month for my network marketing business and a fun trip to Disneyland. 

Oh and today we had our first snow of the season!!! I don't like being cold, but I love the changing of the seasons and I love to look at how beautiful the snow covers the earth and the quiet it brings 🙏

Lastly... Special thanks to my fellow yoga nurse in training for inspiring me to blog again during our chat tonight.😉

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