Monday, April 25, 2016


Let's talk! I went to the park this morning for a short run, the beauty and abundance of nature called me to this
little man made lake to practice a little yoga. I couldn't stop thinking of all he abundance around us, fresh air, green grass , beautiful trees & flowers, sunshine! All of this is free and abundantly available to all of us!

I then went for my little run and again was taken back by the abundance of my very body, I mean we are equipped with an amazing body that does amazing things, all in its own without our intervention! Do we have to tell our hearts to beat? Or our lungs to exchange oxygen? Under normal circumstances no we dont! Thank God for that!!

At the conclusion of my run, I was approaching this beautiful hill and was drawn to take a little break there, so here I am typing this blog after a little savasana and reflecting of all the abundance God has blessed us with, it is all around us! I mean here I lay taking my little rest of top of a hill, with the sun beaming on me, breathing fresh air, staring at the clear blue sky, recieving  the healing negative ions from earth all for free!!!!!! 

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