Holistic Nursing

     What is Holistic Nursing? The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) defines "holistic nursing" as any type of nursing that has whole person healing as its goal. Often I am asked " what do holistic nurses do? what kind of job can I get? I used to get annoyed with this question because I didn't have an answer for it...... until now. Now I realize holistic nursing is a way of being, it is not something you do. Holistic nursing starts with self care of the nurse. You can practice holistic nursing in any setting you would practice as a nurse. Some holistic nurses incorporate complementary therapies into traditional medical care, but the implementation of complementary therapies does not make one a holistic nurse! Remember, holistic nursing is a philosophy, a way of being. http://www.ahna.org/About-Us/What-is-Holistic-Nursing 

     I dream of and claim the day that I can wear yoga clothes all day and practice yoga and healing touch as my job. I am a holistic nurse! It's a way of being. When I see a patient, I see a whole person and realize that I need to be fully present and address not only the physical condition but the mind and spirit as well. I aim for whole person healing. I am aware of the energy I bring and hope that my energy, presence, and duties as a nurse will place the patient in the best position to be healed. I hope to suggest alternative therapies that I am knowledgeable in based on patient to patient basis. Not every patient will be receptive to alternative therapies, but that doesn't mean the holistic nursing care stops. Again, holistic nursing is a way of being. Not so much something you do. As I continue my holistic life journey and take more continuing education I will obtain my certification as a holistic nurse :) I have included a lovely link to an article explaining holistic nursing in great detail. Enjoy http://www.ahna.org/Portals/4/docs/Research/Thornton.pdf


  1. Thank you for what you do. I want to pursue this pathway as well. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Marcia, thank you for your comment! I am going to friend you on Facebook where it's a little more chat friendly. I can't wait to hear more about your intentions for holistic nurses and share my story ☺️

    Ps. I do remember first meeting you on IG I apologize for the delay conenecting with you